Who says fat girls can't dress?

Friday, 13 January 2012
Okay I might not be the most stylish of girls but when I put my mind to it I can rock out an outfit. It just some days I much prefer to lounge around in what is comfortable. So this blog I’m going to show you some of the outfits I put together. There will be a mix of old favourites of mine which I’ve done in the past couple of years and then I will rock out with some new ones as the days go on. I hope to keep you posted with this.

This outfit was probably the first dress I feel in love with when I was 16. That was a long time ago, (well five years) lol. It was from Warehouse and if I remember rightly it was about £50. I've always wanted to be one of those 1950's style girls and I loved the way this dress flattered my small waist.

Warehouse Dress 2006

Moving onto my next item which was also from quite a while ago. My favourite colour is yellow but I never thought I could carry it off, being blonde and I brought this shirt and it was filed into an old favourite of mine. This outfit is from H&M, the only this I would do different now is not have a black bra under a pale colour top.


For the look below, I wore this out to a club last January. I love wearing shorts with tights I think it is such a nice look especially on curvy girls who think that they can't wear them because they have "fat" legs or a "fat" bum. I think that about myself but hey ho, I like short shorts. The top I’m wearing I got from Australia but I know you can also get a similar one in Topshop and my blazer from H&M, the watch was Chanel (my first designer love), shorts H&M and I added them with black high boots from Peacocks. I think it is nice to vary you're hair styles from up and down it gives you a completely different look. I think as well if my hair was down it wouldn't have suited this outfit as much.

January 2009

This is a more recent look for me, as I had all my hair cut off and went bright blonde which I loved. Also apologises for the silly faces that I pull in these pictures (bad habit of mine). If I was standing in a proper pose this outfit would probably be better looking and more chic than it does. If you are having one of those days when you don't know what to wear I always think black skinny jeans, a black tank and then jazz up with a coloured cardi and heels, it always a winner if you're stuck for ideas.

I remember at the time I tried on this dress, I thought I was hideous and I got back from Topshop that day and ended up going back and buying it. I think it is a good dress to wear to work, with the baggy top and tight pencil bottom it highlights my curves and the belt nips in well. I've never been one to wear brown as I’m normally dress in black. The second dress was a brave choice, it was bright all over which is something I wouldn't assiocate with my size but the dress made me feel very girly and was a definite good buy.

The next one was a bad mistake on the big arse fringe looks like it needs to be cut slightly shorter. The look I was going for here was a bit edgy and rocker, but looking sleek and work like at the same time. The pencil skirt and belt around the waist is a good look for my figure as it balances out my boobs and hips. The second picture; I find people are often scared of wearing white and this spring/summer the whole "gleek" and "American high school" fashion has become popular. The white corset draws in my figure and makes it sexier than if I was just wearing a t-shirt.

Stay posted for a few more bits and bobs to come!!!


  1. Fab outfits Hun and u r not fat!

    1. Thank you hun. Btw I love your blog! :)