Nivea Face Wipes

Saturday, 21 January 2012

For most of you, I think you might find this a pretty mundane post - that and it might seem a little pointless. Though I feel it necessary after spending just grabbing the packet of face wipes which seem to be the most appealing or that are on offer. Simply because I need them for a quick fix for taking off my make up - they are no way a replacement for my skincare routine, but after a long day or a late night I don't want to be taking 20 minutes sorting myself face out and sometimes I don't have the capability to do so. 

These Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Gentle/Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes are my favourite. I chop and change between the dry & sensitive ones and the normal & combination ones because my skin seems to change by the moment. Both types have the same desired effect. It gets my enough make up off and in particularly for eye make it seems to work the best and doesn't leave you eyes feeling stingy. Probably because they are alcohol free, I used to always go for anti blemish ones and then one day I had a skin consultation and they actually said my skin blemishes weren't really that excessive to class my skins as problem. In fact I just have dry skin.  

I wipe them onto my face into circular motions and they don't tend to dry out my skin either so it doesn't matter if i forget to put moisturiser on. You get 25 wipes in a pack and when i was in Boots on Tuesday they had them on special 3 packs for £5... Bargain. 

What are you safe beauty products?? Has anyone else tried these?


  1. I always use makeup wipes for my eyes, since hetting you remover and applying on you cotton pad takes more time! haha, im very lazy! Great post, i never know what type of makeup wipes to go for!

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