F*ck Monday #1

Monday, 9 January 2012

For all of you that know me, and for all of you who follow this blog will notice that I love to moan. A couple of girls and I spend a few hours a week just moaning about little things – It makes us feel great. So now every Monday I am going to bore all you lovely lot with my rants of the week. I hope you’ll find them amusing or can relate to them somehow.

*** Okay, so my gym and getting fit thing has kinda wooshed out of the window. I do hate January sometimes. It is so grey and dull. I have been to the gym a couple of times...but as I am so out of shape, it is such a struggle now. But luckily I have the help of my friend Lizze (who is training to be a Personal Trainer) – so we’ll just watch this space.

***  I am now going into my last term of uni ever! For all of you who understand uni jargon I have like 120 credits to complete in one term. And I am working part time and I am aim to blog every day and I am trying to lose weight plus have some form of social life... which again I don’t think is going to be resurrected until May. Wah.... Dissertation! Novel! Feature! Business!!!

*** Today because I had the ump... I indulged on my Student Loan and brought a job lot of things from Miss Selfridge & River Island... Will blog my haul soon!!Probably will regret this in a month or two.

What’s your moan of the week??

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