Chanel Hand Cream

Friday, 6 January 2012

Every Christmas and birthday I ask my parents for a Chanel handbag every year they laugh it off and say no. :-/

I am a huge fan of Chanel and this year for Christmas I was handed a small Chanel paper bag with a box inside. My friend Meg (see picture below – she wanted to recognised haha) brought me an ‘adult’ present. I moan all the time how old I am becoming and yes I am only 22 (just) but that never stops me and Meg always gets the backend of my rants. So because we are children and couldn’t wait until xmas morning to open our presents so we did it a few days before. I received this fabulous Hand Cream which apparently is an adult present.

The packaging is lovely and very mature. It looks expensive and it is as it retails as £39 for 75ml in Boots, which is a hefty price for just hand cream. Though it does smell, feel and look lush. It keeps my hand feeling great in this weather but I don’t think I would reinvest for myself but great gift idea for sure :) 

By the way this is Meg:

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