Sanctuary Christmas Box

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Last Christmas I received the Soap & Glory box and this year I fancied something different, one day before I was heading to work I saw on twitter that Boots were selling Sanctuary Hampers for £20. BARGAIN. When I got home my mum said that I could have it as a present. PERFECT.

The box contained:

* Foaming Bath Soak – Stupidly relaxing, I know the products designed for spa’s but wow, the smell the bubbles felt beautiful (blended with a couple of candles, mellow magic 105.4fm & Glamour magazine) might had aided the best bath but I do like to treat myself. Haha.

* Body Wash – Still the same smell throughout the brand which makes it identifiable. Lathers up really thick and leaves skin so smooth. 

* Body Scrub – This is soft enough to be used every day, I use it with my shower mittens (see below) followed by the body wash equals sexy skin!

* Body Butter – I think this is my favourite butter of all times, leaves my skin again stupidly soft. I have never really used any other butter’s than Body Shop but I think this one tops the charts.

* Body Lotion – It says it is for 24-hour moisturisation however I don’t think it works half as well as the body butter, so I am quite glad it is only a 75ml bottle.

* Intensive Rescue Heel Balm – A much need product, as I work part time in retail – when I do long shifts on my feet all day, I put them in a soak and smoother them in this cream. Softest feet!! When I got home boxing day after the sales this cream felt like heaven.

* Shower Cap – It is great as only plastic on the outside but not as good as my penguin one... Look out for that post!

The box is great for reuse as it is deep enough to hold big bottles but also has sections and a handle (not to stable for really heavy things though). However unfortunately, my box got a bit batter on xmas day as my boyfriend and I were play fighting to play with his new remote control car (yes we are adults... lol) and the mirror inside got a crack on it and the side of the box split. Though being the ‘Bob the Builder’ that I am – I plan on fixing it soon – My famous last words. Haha.

Did anyone else get this for crimbo? Or treat themselves to it?

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