F*ck Monday #2

Monday, 16 January 2012

This is what I looked like when I woke up this morning. 

*** On this ridiculously cold Monday I have a lot to moan about, in particularly the fact that I had to scrap the ice of my car this morning. This is my main pet hate of the winter, all it means is that I have to be dolled up for work, standing in the freezing cold, then the roads were slippery and Bobby (my car) HATES hills let alone icy ones. Then you get the old sunny blinding you as your driving also I forgot my sunglasses... though to be fair would rather it be cold and sunny than cold and bloody miserable.

***I had prepared myself to work a short shift today but no people where sick thus making me work longer and harder... though it did make the shift go quicker but I was starving when I finished.

*** Which then leads me on to the fact that I have not accomplished or stuck to my new year’s resolutions; yes I know most the population haven’t but I still want to feel moany arse at myself. Not lost any weight (expect off my legs due to S&G see post.), not saved any money and not any closer to looking like Lauren Conrad (I wished). However I did submit 9000 words on Friday which I wrote for my assignment within a week anyone who is in their third year at university I DO NOT recommend this.

Hello Tuesday... That’s all!

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