John Frieda Sheer Blonde: Instant Silkener

Wednesday, 31 October 2012
John Frieda Sheer Blonde: Instant Silkener 125ml - £5.29

If I am 100% honest with you, I'm not quite sure what made me buy this product originally because there is nothing about it which immediately attracts me. And I an advertisers dream... I always pick up (and end up buying) products that I like the packaging off - which probably isn't the best approach. 

Anyway, for whatever reason I brought this I am glad that I did. It is amazing for the ends of my hair. As the colder weather is drawing in, my hair likes to explode as if I have put my fingers in a plug socket. This looks and feels amazing through straight or naturally styled hair and it really softens the ends. When I curl my hair and pop this on the ends it I find that it weighs down my hair and pulls the curls out. Which is weird because when my hair is straightened it feels like silk (excuse the cliche) and is really light weight. 

It smells quite nice, it has that "John Frieda" smell which is softly perfumed and isn't too overpowering. It is a thick and creamy consistency and I like the fact that it is in a squeezy tube which means it is easier to get out unlike some similar products which I have used. A pea size is ample amount of product for application to the ends of the hair and then you have to work it in. I only use it occasionally, as I am too lazy to have my hair straight, so I am unaware of any prolonged effects of this. 

Overall, I think this product is great value for money and despite not knowing if the product is doing any good to my hair it does make it feel, look and smell great. Plus it is no hassle which is a bigger bonus for me.

The Body Shop Collection

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Aloe Soothing Day Cream - The Body Shop - £10
Hemp Foot Protector - The Body Shop - £10 
Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter - The Body Shop - £4
Vitamin E Cream Cleanser - The Body Shop - £8 

I think as many as you will all be able to tell, I used to be a MASSIVE Body Shop fan. I'm kind of one of those people who find a brand that they love and stick to it, however I do get bored and flit around. My currently obsession is Lush. However I thought I will share with you all so more of my Body Shop collection which I am still trying to get through. These haven't been my favourite products but they are still okay and I wanted to get them a fair review: 

Aloe Soothing Day Cream: When I first purchased this, I loved it. It has a soft but light consistency and sinks into your skin. On the whole it is a 'nice' moisturisers and it sits pleasantly underneath foundation however it doesn't do anything ground breaking to the skin. It doesn't irritate my skin and isn't heavily scented which is a bonus!

Hemp Foot Protector: I have been trying to work out how to good this product actually is. It makes my feet feel soft and smooth but it never really lasts, maybe I don't apply it as frequently as I should? I generally tend to slather it on then wear cotton socks and leave it over night and next day they are so soft smooth but come the following day they are back to the condition they were in at the beginning. I'm not a fan of the hemp smell but I like the formula as it is thick and feels like it will be good for your feet. Even though that it is possibly could be masking the problem rather than treating it.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter: I remember smelling this in the shop and I thought 'Wow, this smells amazing' and when I got it home and used it, I still loved it. However when I went for my third try, the smell sort of too perfumey for my linking. I generally don't like rose or floral scents. 

Vitamin E Cream Cleanser: This cleanser is only good when my skin needs it and when my skin doesn't need it. My face hates it and reacts to that. It is very thick and nourishing and this is only good at certain times and that is when my face is feeling extremely dry and flaky. As I have combinational skin it also goes through stages of being more oily or more dry than other times. This cleanser is good for the dry times which tend to be when the weather is turning cold and my face is trying to adjust but needs that extra help. If I use it "out of season" then it tends to help my skin produce to much oily which leads to greasy skin and spots... which isn't sexy. But it is good when I need it :) 

Do you have any products that you have a love/hate relationship with or an undecided opinion about?

F*ck Monday: Importance

Monday, 29 October 2012

So my monday moan today is more of a debate rather than a moan. As most of my followers would know that I have suffered some long(ish) health issues recently. Everything kind of settled down for a while which was great and came at perfect timing, as I was offered a month long placement at my FAVOURITE magazine. Luckily I was able to complete nearly two weeks until I was hit again with another medical problem. 

It was from this that it made me consider what is more important work or my health? And as many people have pointed out that if I didn't have my health then I wouldn't be able to work anyway. I have been getting a lot of people's opinions on this topic and some people wonder why I can't sort out my health as well as working. Now being a born worrier/ stress head, I find that I am always trying to push myself a little harder and constantly think and over think things that happen at work. I also have that woman thing of finding it hard to switch off after work. 

I know longer have a part time job as I gave that up so I can focus on interning as my body just refused to cope with both. I am on my second internship like I said and I LOVE my (interning) job - like without exaggerating it would be my idol job. As I became sicker, I worried more that I would miss this opportunity and it would be such an inconvenience. 
But thankfully, the company that I work for have said that they will hold my placement for the time being until I feel well enough to resume it, which considering the cut throat attitude of the industry I thought that was really sweet of them. For the first time, I am doing what the doctor orders and putting my health before my career. Hopefully it will pay off in the end.

What would you put first your health or your job??

Try Some Samples

Friday, 26 October 2012

I think that samples are some of the best ways to sieve through the beauty industry's mass of products in order to find things that you like and don't like. It is quite frequent that magazines and beauty counters give away small samples of their products especially if it is new on the market. I normally stash these up in a draw and never get around to using them but it has only been in this year that I tried to use these products and I have found some which have been great for my skin and some which haven't. Also some that I thought were going to be great and without the sample I would had still purchased it, but thank god these little sachets have saved me from losing a lot of money.   

Here are a few of the foundation ones which I have tried recently:
Chanel Perfection Lumiere: 
I love Chanel as a brand, if I had all the money world then I would be decked from head to toe in it. I tend to be a fan of the Chanel Make-up generally because I like the packaging and most of their products. Now this one was on a 'Next To Buy List'until I tried this sample . I really didn't like this formula, I found it too thick and it kind of left my face feeling rather cakey but it did hid a multitude of sins.

Clarins Skin Illusion:
I haven't really ever tried Clarins products before, I've only ever used the odd body product here and there. However this foundation was light and blending into my skin flawlessly. It lasted all the day and didn't highlight my dry or oily patches (as I have combinational skin) I would definately purchase the full size of this!

Clinique Superfit Make-up:
I have used different Clinique products before and have really gotton on well with them and I used Perfectly Real foundation before (See Post). I found that this foundation just slid off my skin and I don't particulary have oily skin. I tried it again, because you can usually get a couple of uses out of these little sachets, but that time I used a primer and it lasted a little longer but still not good enough for what I would expect a foundation of this standard should last. It also made my skin feel shiny and needed touching with powder through the day and despite the foundation sliding it left a greasy residue.
Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid:
For a highstreet brand this foundation came with both a light consistency and a medium coverage. I found that I need to work this product into my skin in order for it to get a flawless finish and it did feel like that I needed quite a lot to cover my face. Though after the work it does leave a bright flawless finish and would be defiantely worth a purchase.

Nivea Visage Q10 Pore Refining Day Cream:
I know this one is particulary relevant to this post, however I had collected three sachets of this product and when I ran out of my favourite day cream I thought I might as well try it. And honestly it was the best face cream that I have tried. I presummed that because it was Anti-Wrinkles that it wouldn't be used to my skin type. I generally love the Nivea 'smell' that the brand has and the day cream really helped sort out my blemishes as well as working as a great foundation break. 

Do you try your samples or do they end up in the back of your draw?

Queen Cosmetics: Eyelash Cream

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Queen Cosmetics, Eyelash Cream - £10.25 (12ml)

I can't quite remember how I stumbled upon this product but it is from a website called Queen Cosmetics. Now what enticed me to browse around the website was that it is British based and I 'm not hugely patriotic but when companies say this I always think that I want to buy from that brand. 

Three things that made me buy from this brand and probably why I would buy from them again:
1. "Our products are free of fragrance, perfume or essential oils. Queen products have never been tested on animals."
2. "We source the 90% our ingredients, packaging and labelling from UK-based companies instead of from cheaper mass producers abroad."
3. "We use very few ingredients per product - the more ingredients you have contained in a product, the higher the risk of an adverse reaction."

Now down to the product, I can't work out whether the positives outway the negatives or vice versa.
Things that I like about the product:
1. I like the consistancy of the product; it isn't too runny or gloopy so they smooth onto the lashes with ease.
2. It doesn't smell artifical like a few other eyelash products that I have.
3. It makes my lashes feel thicker especially after I have been wearing false eyelashes, as I find they tend to dry out my eyelashes. 

Things that I don't like about the product:
1. The packaging is a nightmare and wasn't thought through. When you apply the product on the lashes with your fingers it doesn't coat them proper and I find that I pull eyelashes out and I want to be saving them. I brought an eyelash wand as a easier way to apply it but it still is quite awkward.
2. If I apply too much product then it makes the area around my eye quite greasy and oily which I just don't like the feel off. I only put this on at night so it doesn't effect my make-up or the way that I look.
3. My last problem is the price - now I have been debating this because I am still not sure whether it is expensive or not for the quantity of product you do get but I do find it on the pricer side. 

Has anyone tried these products?

Empties #6

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Dove Go Fresh, Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena Deodrant - 250ml £1.72 - This is my favourite deodrant by far and I love the fact that you can smell it on your skin for ages and that it does the job and it does it really well!
Will Repurchase - I would have a few of them dotted around my world but I am trying to use up other products - hopefully they finish up soon!

Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub - 300ml £9.50 - I'm just preparing myself to make a really grand statment about this product... and that is that this is possibly one of my favourite products. I love the smell, the texture and what it does to my skin not to mention the packaging and the brand as a general. It leaves my skins beautiful soft and smells AMAZING.
Will Repurchase - I already had one in the cupboard just in case (forever forbid) that I would run out and not have a replen pot. I can't wait for Christmas because this is a usual staple present in my stocking!

Sanctuary Foaming Bath Soak - 250ml £5.50 - With Sanctuary products it is all about the scent for me really, there is just something about the smell of their products which just makes me take a deep breath and absorb it with a big relaxing "ahhhhhmmmm". This bath foam is my favourite for when I am going through really stressful periods because I find that it helps me sleep easier at night.
Will Repurchase - Just because it is a rescue remedy for me and I can't afford to spend £4 on Lush products for every bath (considering I have them 3-4 times a week) 

Nivea Soft Refreshing Soft Moisturising Cream - 75ml £2.45 - A thick and creamy texture and it is senstive enough to put on all of your body. Though I find that it is unsuitable for my face because it doesn't sink in and makes my skin oily. Good for the hands but again you can't be using them straight after as it doesn't sink in quickly.
Won't Repurchase - Mainly because it is Okay, there isn't much that I liked or dislike about it. 

Percy & Reed Moisturising Conditioner - 100ml £8 - This works better when left on the ends on the hair for a few minutes like a quick mask rather than using it a standard conditioner. It smells nice and the formula is good a detangling hair though be weary of putting too near the roots other it will be oily and you need to make sure you wash it out properly as it takes a little more effort than some conditioners.
Might Repurchase - It was nice enough to make my hair smooth but I love testing around different hair conditioners to find GREAT products but this was good. 

The Body Shop Mattifying Foundation Shade 04 - 8g £14 DISCONTINUED - Eurgh this product is horrid, I'm not quite sure why or what made me choose this product. The product is too thick and cakes onto your skin, it gravitates to oily or dry patches so then it looks blotchy. The colour seemed to change and the packaging is vile and the sponge applicator absorbed too much of the make-up.
Won't Repurchase - Read above... Enough said.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Cherry - 250ml £2.50 - Okay so the Lush Dry Shampoo is actually my favourite at the moment but you couldn't carry it around in your bag. I actually quite like the scent of this one because I haven't been keen on many of the others. It is a beauty essential and a quick fix!
Will Repurchase - I generally like batiste and it is so handy to have in your handbag and gym bag :) You can never have enough in my eyes. 
Overall a pretty positive empties post :)

F*ck Monday: Breast Cancer

Monday, 22 October 2012
Good Monday All! 

Hope your week hasn't been too deary now that we are set for a wet and cold winter and everyone is really a little down in the dumps due to this grey days and dark nights.I just wanted to apologise for the lack of weekend blogging, my boyfriend and I went up to see his family in Coventry for the weekend which was really lovely, I got to meet both his Nan and Sister for the first time even though we have been together over 18months... Time flys.

Anyway the main topic that I wanted this blog post to be about today is around breast cancer/cancer in general. This is going to be a really personal post about what has happened to me in the last couple of months so if your not keen on that then return back to my site tomorrow for a more perkier post.

So now I am going to tell you all about one of the scariest moments in my life. Last year my boyfriend and I went to Mexico, I got slightly burnt on my chest one day but never thought much of it. According to my doctor I am very unusal that I don't have a single mole on my body - all I have is a handful of freckles and normal colouring. A few weeks after my holiday I noticed a werid lumpy red blemish which was on the front of my right boob. I didn't think much of it as I thought it was a spot. A few months had passed and it seemed that the mark had got bigger. So in May I went to my doctors and he looked at it and measured it said that he didn't think it was anything to worry about but just to keep an eye on it. It kept growing and started to get lumpier so I went back to the doctors it was the end of June and he remeasured it and agreed it had changed and had increased by 30% in size. I was referred to a Dermatologist who saw me within 3 weeks and after my first consulation she wanted me to go back within a week for a biopsy. This did scare me and I started to fret a little, if I am honest I was more scared of the proceedure than what the outcome was going to be. On the day of the biopsy the Dermatologist kept hovering over this lump a little longer than was comfortable. She called in another doctor and a nurse where it was agreed that they lump needed to be removed as had changed since the consultation. This meant that it was going to be a bigger proceedure and I was going to have 6 stitches.

I am a born worrier but with this I did keep it to a select few of friends and it did make me feel very emotional. I couldn't help but worry and let me imagination run wild whilst I waited for my results. I didn't know how I should had felt and some moments I just got caught up in my thoughts. Luckily the results came back clear of cancer and it was a burst blood vessel (which they are now investigating because it is an odd place for them to occur). But it was a huge relief and now I just had to wait for the cut to heal.

After the stitches were removed, the tissue had actually healed together proper and split open, now because I have a sensitive stomach I won't go into too much detail. But I pulled off a plaster one day and I caught my boob in my hand and it was leaky muck and blood dripping though my hand. I was terrified I thought my boob had burst. Now that was 2 and a half months ago... and it still hasn't healed in fact it is getting worst. There is no infection in the wound, it just had something called over granulation... it was quite confusing all the things that were mentioned. But since then I have been going to the doctors once a week to get it checked and dressed. But I am very fortunate enough to have great parents and boyfriend who have helped me so much with the dressing faff. It is too awkward for me too do because my boobs are so big and natural which means they tend to fall south which causes pain. I have had to pack the would with idoine patches and worn padded dressing which look really attractive... NOT.

This how experience has been dragging on me a little and I know some days I am just feeling sorry for myself but it is because of the time that it has been going on. It sounds so daft but it makes me feel really ugly and at times I thought 'Oh, Olly (that's the boyf) won't find me attractive because my boobs so rotten.' Even though I know he is isn't that shallow like at all  but when you feel horrible it can just drag on you. It has helped that before this happened I was getting fitter and losing weight which was making me feel better but I haven't been able to excercise because I have to let them have little movement as possible so it doesn't leak or get bigger. A result of this and me feeling like crap I have put a bit of weight on, not too much, but enough to make me feel grim. I just not sure how I would had got through these last few months without my family, friends and boyfriend - all whom have helped me so much.

To be honest I am one of the lucky ones, because it could had been a lot worst than it was. It is just a shame that it is taking a LOT longer than it would had to heal. But my advice to every girl out there is if something comes on your body which isn't normal for you get it checked out because you never know what it might be. 

If anyone out there is going through something like this or wants to talk. Just contact me on twitter @MissLaceyLoves or by email on

Where Are My Knees? 10 Week Pledger

Friday, 19 October 2012

The girls from the Where Are My Knees blog have created this 10 week pledge to get fitter/trimer for Christmas. I have been thinking about Christmas and the New Year and how my resolution is lose weight pretty much most years and again as another year is drawing in and I haven't lose any weight and I don't really want to have that disappointing feeling again so at least I know if I can try and lose a stone (14lb) by Christmas then at least I know I would had achieved something. 

On these dates I will be doing a post on my progress what I have done, eaten and little slips up (hopefully not too many)

Week 1: 21st October                                      Week 6: 25th November
Week 2: 28th October                                     Week 7: 2nd December
Week 3: 4th November                                    Week 8: 9th December
Week 4: 11th November                                  Week 9: 16th December 
Week 5: 18th November                                 Week 10: 23rd December

This means I need to be more gyming it and less eating all the bad foods which I have been indulging in. Packed lunch for work and lots of water and herbal tea for me :) I'm also going to try and gut out gluten too because I want to see if that changes or helps with my bloating. 

How else is in? I would love to know if anyone else is on a mission to get a little sexier for christmas!

Catch you later girls :) x

My Night Time Skincare Routine

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Lancome Gentle Softening Cleansing Fluid Face & Eyes £11 125ml
Clinique Take the Day Off Eye Make Up Remover £6 50ml (See Post)
 The Body Shop Cucumber Freshening Water £4 250ml (See Post)

Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Eye Serum Sample 5ml 
Lancome Anti-Stress Moisturising Cream Sample 15ml
Korres Shea Butter Lip Balm Sample 5ml

With my skincare routine I liked to use this as an opportunity to try and test out some of my samples. It helps feed my addiction of trying out new products whilst also using up a lot of samples which get built up over time. 

Now this regime is after I have take most of my make-up with a face wipe. I have just started getting into the swing of using a separate cleanser to actually let it clean my skin apposed to just being used as a make-up remover. I do a little confession that I am a little lazy especially in the evening so all of these products are usually next to my bed and can be down before I snuggle down. 

Eye Make Up Remover - Like I said I have normally taken most of my make-up off but I usually get some left over mascara or eyelash glue if I have been wearing falseys. I have to soak a cotton wool pad on each eye for it to clear completely. 

Cleanser - This cream cleanser is perfect for my skin whilst the seasons are changing and my face is trying to strengthen up against the harsh winds and cold mornings. I tend to get quite sore skin in the winter so preparing myself for it is key. 

Toner - Because I use a cream cleanser I need a toner which will help lift and remove and excess product which has been left on my skin. This cucumber water is light and refreshing and doesn't stick onto my skin and I have the clean feeling so I am able to moisturise my face.

Moisturiser - This Lancome one was one of my favourite because it was thick enough to nourish my skin enough over night but not too heavy that is clogs my pores. The only thing that I didn't particularly like about this was the smell because it is very perfumed and I don't particularly like that. 

Eye Cream - This is a treat, I wish I could afford the full size because I feel when I wake after putting this on my eyes feel refreshed and I look like a spring chicken (even though I'm not that old). The product is a thick consistency and you only need a tiny amount so a little goes a long way, which makes me happy because this little sample pot is lasting longer. Woop!

Lip Balm - It is nice and soothing and stays on your lips for ages which is why it is perfect for the night or during the cold winter days. I love the smell and the texture of it but it still doesn't beat my favourite one.

Have you changed your skincare routine for the winter?

The Body Shop Hair Care

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Cottonseed Curl Boost - £7 from The Body Shop 

Macadamia Straightening Balm £7 from The Body Shop

I brought these products ages ago and I also go through stages of using them and then not. They are both reasonably price at £7 for 150ml which I think is great. I wished they had heat defence in them because when it comes to my hair I would rather have one product that does everything than loads of different products because I hate how it builds up on your scalp. However, a big bonus of these is that they are pumps and not sprays which although you have to work into your hair but it is good because that means you can focus on the area of your hair which needs it most.

Now the macadamia straightening balm is my favourite one out of the pair and is also probably the only one which i'll purchase again. The cottonseed has a runny consistency and I find that I waste a lot on my hands than on my hair. It doesn't help curl my hair which is what I am looking for because my hair is wavy and it needs that extra boost to help it curl. It smells quite pleasant too and the I like the packaging - I just wished the product actually worked on my hair. 

I love how my macadamia straightening balm feels on my hair once it has been dried. It makes the ends a lot soft and less frizzy which is great as I have quite dry ends so I need a product that not only helps the dryness but that also makes it look better. I think this product is definitely worth the £7 that it retails at. The only down side is that now my tube is running out and where the product is quite thick and creamy it is hard to get the rest out via the pump. But I'm finding ways around that... I may try and scoop all the remaining product into a pot. 

Empties #5

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan Medium Matte 125ml £6.99 - I like this for a one night out job, it has a thick gel formula, it is easy to apply and blends in well when using a fake tanning mitt. It is quite dark and I once brought the shimmer one over my usual matte version and wooow it has lots and lots of glitter in it. So when I went out clubbing I literally looked like the disco ball... Not sexy. But rest assure with my matte it looks perfect :) 
Will Repurchase - I love this fake tan as a quick, one night fix... it is great and non streaky. :) 

No7 Cleanse & Care Eye Make-Up Remover 100ml £10 - I always end up trying lots of different No.7 products mainly because I accumulate a lot of their vouchers which Boots do. At the time I remember thinking that "Oh I need to buy some make-up remover but I have no money" and this wasn't worth the £5 that I spent. I had to work hard and use a lot of product to remove any eye make-up! 
Won't Repurchase - Left an oily residue on my skin, I think it caused a lot of my blemishes around my eyes.

Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm 4.8g £1 - This is a handbag is essential however to be short but sweet... it was okay; just like any other lip balm really. 
Won't Repurchase - As I find many different lip balms cheap enough and good enough. I like to mix it up a lot.

Radox Brazilian Fusion Shower Therapy 250ml £1 - I am always attracted to yellow/orange shower gels... i'm not sure why I think it is because of my love of citrus scents . I quite like Radox but it is always a brand that my Mum buys but the reason I have added this specific smell is because I really did love it. I'm normally a little bit of a snob with shower gels but this one was great for the money and the scent lasted ages. 
Won't Repurchase - I like Radox just this fragrance but the formula isn't a particular favourite of mine. 

Nice & Easy Colourseal Conditioning Gloss 57ml (part of a set) £5.95 - This is such a bargain hair mask, my hair drinks this conditioner as though it has been in the desert for a year. I tend to put this on dry hair and use a whole tube, then I wrap my hair in cling film and pop a towel on it for about an hour or two then I was my hair like normal... Hello silkiness... :D 
Will Repurchase - Luckily, Nice & Easy now sells this separately and it is such a good conditioner for a weekly treat... I will be stocking up on this :) 

V05 Hot Oil Moisture Soak Elixir 75ml £4.29 - So many people hype up this product but I felt that it did nothing for my hair, I wasn't sure whether I used it correctly or whether it just wasn't loving my hair. In fact I found that it made my hair get greasy quicker and yet the ends drier than before despite only popping this on my ends... :S Not a fan. 
Won't Repurchase - Even though this is a hyped product, my hair doesn't particularly love it. 

Collection 2000 Shine Away Compact Powder: Medium 2 10g £4.19 - This was a random purchase which generally lived in the bottom of my handbag. It worked as a like a setting or a blotting powder, it has saved me through the day but I don't think that this product was any better or worse than most of the market. The only good thing is that it is cheaaaapp! 
Won't Repurchase - Nice enough but didn't make a really difference... would rather experiment with a few more brands. 

Lots of negatives today... oops but the poorer I'm getting the more products I'm zooming through. But it is a great and using up lots of half or 3/4 full products.

Catch you later :) 

F*ck Monday: Addictions

Monday, 15 October 2012

Howdy Everyone,

I'm not quite sure how many times I have to apologise for losing my blogging mojo, I just find that I get the blogging bite and then something happens (slash life just goes by and I am a tad lazy... oops) and I then just don't have the motivation to blog which is odd... I am an odd person though. But I shall be a better blogger... I promise :) SInce it has been so long I thought I would share with you what I am loving and not loving at the moment.

Five Things That I Am Loving:

Pinterest: I signed up to this ages ago and never really used it or paid much attention to it, mainly because I didn't really know how to use it. I don't make any of my own pins but I love re-pinning all sorts on there and then looking over my boards. I literally can spend hours on this.  

Hay Day: My second ipad guilty pleasure is this game, I blame it entirely on essiebutton for mentioning it in one of her videos. I have got my Dad and Boyfriend addicted too (we're on level 32 incase you're wondering :P) Oh basically you build up your own farm and sell produce and yeah it is addictive!! 

Internship: I have just started an internship at my DREAM job... I will be instagram my outfits everyday which makes a change for me as I never do body shots. I wish my desk looked like the one above instead of covered in papers and all sorts. 

Lush: I received so much Lush stuff for my birthday that I was over the moon. I love it... and now to top it off they have all their little Christmas bits and bobs in. If I was a millionaire/just really rich I would just buy everything in the store. 

Winter: I never thought that I was a winter gal but I really am... there is nothing more that I enjoy than snuggling in bed drinking copious amounts of tea with bourbon biscuits and watching Come Dine With Me on repeat. Snoods, gloves, thick socks and dark nights... Bliss. Oh and Christmas and PENGUINS......... WAH!! 

Five Things That I Am Not Loving:

Being Poor: One of the negatives to interning for at the dream job, is that I am not actually earning. And with no helping hand from my lovely student loan, I am proper pulling in my belt. Thrifty tips are welcome? :)

My Skin: It is driving my crazy... Okay, I am going to admit that I'm lazy and don't always do what I should when taking my make-up off. But since I have changed my contraceptive pill my skin has gone crazy in break outs.  I have the skin like a thirteen year old. I wish I could look like Barbie. 

Illness: It is no secret to you frequent readers of mine that I have been through my fair share of illness especially recently. Somethings don't seem to be getting that much better which is dragging me down but I am trying to get forget about it and hopefully it will go away... fingers crossed! 

Food:  WHY DO I ONLY LIKE FOOD WHICH IS BAD FOR ME???? :( enough said! 

Laziness: I am massively lazy and because I have been ill and had SO much time on my hand that instead of being efficient and getting things done... I did the opposite and did nothing. I think I am snapping out of it which a bit of lucky :) 

What are you loving or hating at the moment?? :)

My Top 3 Detoxing Boost Drinks

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Okay before I start, I just want to clarify that I'm not a nutritionalist nor do I think I am an expert in the field but I just wanted to share a couple of my favourite detoxing drinks/smoothies. Despite the fact that I have done a degree in creative writing, I'm still not great with making up names for things.  When I normally start a "healthy living regime" I try and kick it off with some healthy drinks to get into my system. 

The Green Machine - This is a popular drink which is great for your insides and out. There are many variations of the recipe and I quite often mix it up too. However, these ingredients are my favourite.

2 Bananas
1/2 Peach
1/2 Mango (fresh is better but I used tin...oops)
2 handfuls of Spinach
1tbps Flax Seeds
Handful of Mint

Bolt - I tend to guzzle this one after a workout as it usually gives me an energy boost and suppresses any cravings I tend to have throughout the afternoon. 

1 Bananas
1/2 Peach
2 Plums
1 Apple
150g Natural Yogurt
1tbps Flax Seeds
Handful of Mint

Refresher - This is a morning jobby for me as it is meant to help speed up your metabolism. I normally have to make it the night before because it is best drunk cold with a few ice cubes in it. It is normally made with Green Tea but I've just been using up my peppermint ones. 

1 Herbal Tea Bag
1/2 a Satsuma (can use any citrus fruit) 
Ice Cubes

Do you have any refreshing drinks?