REVIEW: &Other Stories Body Scrub in Couture Carnival

Sunday, 12 May 2013


What & Other Stories Say: & OTHER STORIES Smoothing sugar scrub that polishes skin to a silken texture and leaves it lusciously scented. Juicy strawberry, raspberry and guava medley is sprinkled with lily of the valley while patchouli, black amber and a gourmet note of praline add depth. 250 ml.

What I Say:  Wow - o - Wow. I LOVE this product, the smell, the way it makes my skin feel. It is really light and gentle whilst being packed full of sugar which is abrasive enough to lift any dead skin cells. After using this it doesn't make look like a lobster (which a lot of products do). I am going to get the whole collection of this scent nd see if I can pull myself to try out o of th others too! 

- It's a bargain, I got this a month or so ago and use it twice a week and I still have over half the pot left. For £7 it has a high street price with what I think is a high end quality. 
- It doesn't dry out my skin, it does leave a residue which I know will put some people off. However it is a light thin residue which sort of make my legs look dewy and is a bonus as if I am in a rush I don't have to moisturise or can use a light one which sinks in quicker. 
- At my third point, I wish I could they have invented a way to transmit smells because this smells put of this world. It's sweet but not too sweet whilst being fruity and it lasts! 

- My only con for this product is that it isn't easily available, I know I can order online but I am pretty old fashion and love going to a store and picking up my latest beauty find. I think they need to open up some more stores.

Have you been up to &Other Stories in Regents Street? Have you tried this brand?

Look Beauty LOUD LIPS: Cherry Bomb

Thursday, 9 May 2013


Look Beauty is a brand by the magazine Look they're stocked in Superdrug in the UK or online here. They have a range of affordable make up to suit lots of people. I am a huge fan of their Nail Varnishes called Nail Pop - see here & here so I recently branched out to other parts of their collection. I am a classic Marilyn and a complete sucker for a red lipstick. What attracted me to this one was the fact that they say "Your one-coat route to a super-hot pout." It really bugs me when a bold lipstick just slides off, minutes after application. 

- The boldness of the colour is something I love, as it is a block kind of matte finished lipstick. There is no shimmer or glitter in it which I find a lot in many other lipsticks. 
- I love how long this lipstick last - after the initial look of it being quite creamy it stinks in as a stain and lasts the majority of the day. If wearing it at night you will need wipes or a remover to get this off otherwise it will still be there in the morning. (I know from past experience... oops) 
- And the final but not the least big positive about this lipstick and the brand as a whole is that they are good value for money - this lipstick was £7 which wasn't the cheapest nor was it the most expensive either. 

- I found it really drying - I must admit I don't have the best lips and I find that I am always hunting for a thick and creamy lip balm which is why I need my lipsticks to be a lot creamier. This I found would seep into the cracks of my lip and highlight their chapness even with a balm applied before.
- The packaging is quite bulky and the lid is magnetic but it isn't that strong so it comes off really easily in your bag - which is pretty annoying especially when everything you pull out is smeared in red lipstick and let me tell you get gets everywhere.
- Okay so we can see that colour of the lipstick is a lot deeper than when I took a swatch, don't get me wrong I do love the colour in which it has come out. Only it looks a lot lighter too so when I first opened this up I thought I had received the wrong colour it was only when I thought I would try it out, I notice that it came out a lot lighter but not really a massive con but annoyed me.

I honestly do love the Look Beauty's brand but the reason I gave this such a mediocre rating was mainly because the packaging was really irritating. Maybe I just got a faulty one but there is no click or anything which shuts it so when it gets knocked next to something the lid comes off. Have you tried this lipsticks? Did I get baddy? What do you think of these?

REVIEW: Tropic Face Smooth Brightening Polish

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


What Tropic Say: "Our Face Smooth brightening polish is a skin staple. It contains powerful Acai berries to brighten and gentle alpha hydroxy acids to stimulate skin renewal. It works to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise all in one, to leave your skin feeling velvety, refreshed and simply radiant."

What I Say: So in the past couple of months my skin has gone through some magical transformation now I partially put it down to my increase in water consumption and better diet. However, if there is one main product which has just made my skin pop into its own it has been this facial polish from Tropic. I picked it up at the end of March at the Vitality show - this was a brand that I have never heard of but was sold by the great sales assistants and the product demonstrations. 

- As you know a big positive for me in a product is the smell, it has a very strong citrus scent - so it may not be for everyone but I love it.
- Once you rinse the polish off, your skin is left so soft - kind of with an oily residue but isn't greasy or noticable on your skin. It doesn't leave your skin feeling dehydrated. 
- It says to use it 2-3times a week but I find just using it once as a treat still has a great effect on the skin. 
- It helps clear up any redness in blemishes too. 

- My only problem with this scrub is the fact that you can scrub your skin too much as it is quite abrasive. So if you over scrub it can hurt your skin - I don't know whether this is because I have quite sensitive skin but either way it is still great once you get the right level of scrubbing! 
- The scrub and oil separate which makes it sometimes a little difficult to scoop a good mixture of the both in a go. 

To be honest, I couldn't recommend this scrub enough, I love it! If you are suffering with your skin at the moment this could be your answer like it was mine. Have you tried this brand or heard of them? 

UPDATE: Where Have I Been?

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Hello Everyone,

So I haven't blogged in nearly a month! I know I have been such a sporadic blogger - sometimes I run out of blogging mojo and then sometimes life just takes over. But for me April has been a great month and I have done lots of things which I am really happy about and I am a lot more focused on completely my goals. There have been too big things which has really settled me at the moment.

The first big thing: I have lost weight. 12lbs to be exact which was done in 4 weeks and I'm really proud that I have got myself into the swing of things - so I might do a post on what I've been up to. The main bulk of it is eating less and moving more! Who knew it was that simple eh? Haha, for me it is one of those things which are easier said than done. But nevertheless I ideally still want to lose another 18lbs by 24th September 2013 - so I need to keep my motivation flowing. I know I was doing my weekly posts on a Tuesday as I thought it would be a great idea to keep my focused but for some reason it just didn't help or work it the way I had hoped. I will still be doing some health/fitness/diet post but these will be about a topic rather than just my weightloss journey.

The second big thing: I have been working full time for the past 3 months which means that I have got myself into a good routine. But this also means that a few things have been taking a sideline like my blog. To be honest the first week I didn't really miss my blog but I had a little bit of bloggers block - but I really really miss it. I took advantage of this bank holiday weekend and it wasn't a messy one (trying to curb those calories), it wasn't an expensive one (trying to save up for a few things) but it was a productive one - I sorted out lots of bits and I have two huge baskets of bits and bobs which I want to blog about.

So I just wanted to do a sort of welcome back message and look out for tomorrows post.

REVIEW: La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

Sunday, 7 April 2013


What La Roche-Posay says: It is designed for oily skin with irregular texture, prone to imperfections, blemishes and sports. It unclogs pores and helps to purify and reduce the development of future breakouts. It also helps to reduce skin imperfections leaving skin looking clearer and feeling smoother. Apply morning and/or night to the entire face. Can be used as a make-up base.

What I say: I was a little sucker for the hype of this product and the fact that I couldn't find it for ages as it was sold out everywhere. I was like a woman possessed because it just made me want it even more but before I could get my hands on this I read so many great reviews. Now I don't actually think this lives up to the hype for the reason that it isn't designed for my skin type. I have dry/normal skin with a few spots here and there. I feel that it made my skin feel softer and smoother but didn't see that much of a change with my spots at all unfortunately. I'm not sure whether I am using incorrectly or that isn't designed for me. 

- It made my skin feel a lot softer and more subtle.
- I feel like the packaging and the fact that it comes in a squeeze-ey tube 
- I think it is a great price £13 in Boots and usually they do offers and things - so you can pick it up for cheaper.
- I find that whilst is doesn't clear my blemishes it could be helping them stay at bay though I'm not sure whether that is just because my hormones have settled down. 
- Also lastly, I got told by a friend that she used it as a make-up base - clearly I never read the packaging and found it great way to keep my make up on. 

- I find it a little stingy on my skin, I don't have particularly sensitive however it is quite dry and I know this is aimed at more oily type skin tones - which could be why it irritates a little.
- It doesn't clear up my spots or anything and I find that there is no change in the redness or appearance of them. 

Have you joined the La Roche Posay hype? What do you think?

Mac Viva Glam "Nicki" Lipstick

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


What Mac says: "Mac and hip-hop diva Nicki Minaj join forces to create Viva Glam Nicki, a scene-stealing lipstick. The full RRP (less VAT) from the sale of this lipstick is paid to Mac Aids Funds and goes towards helping women, men and kids everywhere affected by HIV and AIDS. Limited Edition"

What I say: I know most people love Mac but for some reason I just have never been a Mac girl - I think it is because there has never been one that local to me. So at the grand old age of 23 this was my first Mac lipstick - I have used their face products before but never anything for the lips or eyes. 
The one thing that really drew me to this lipstick other than the colour was the fact that all the profit goes to charity and I thought that was really lovely. However, I did go to Mac Pro in Soho with the intention of buying a coral summer shade. The make up artist in there suggested this one straight away and once I had it on, I knew I was going to be taking it home with me. For me it is a very bold colour but I think it will look beautiful once the sun finally comes out. 

- I love how bold it is, I tend to stick to nudes or bright reds for nights out, so this is a bit of a change for me.
- The colour lasts, it does kind of stain your lips but I don't mind that because it means it take a little longer until I feel the need to reapply. 
- It is highly pigmented and really thick so gives a full coverage in one application.
- I think for the quality it isn't that expensive and I will definitely be investing in some more Mac lipsticks.

- Most of my cons are personal preferences, for one I find this shade quite bold and I don't know how much everyday wear I could get out of it even though I love it. 
- You need to make sure you get all dry skin off your lips and use a balm before apply as this colour is so thick it will highlight any dryness (which most bold lipsticks would)

Have you tried anything from the Viva Glam Range? 

& Other Stories: Armure Plum Nail Colour

Monday, 1 April 2013


What I think: When it comes to nail varnishes I need one which is practically idiot proof, it needs to have a nice brush, good colour pigmentation and formula needs to dry quickly. I wasn't expecting anything amazing from these polishes, I just though they would be average. Though I was in store and in the need of a new deep purple polish. Thankfully sorting my nail varnish collection out has made me realise what colours I need to get rather than buying similar shades of what I already have (see post here

- I love the brush of this polishes, it is nice and wide and holds the polish on it well.
- The formula is great dries really quickly and brushes on well
- Lasts quite well too, I change my nails up a lot so I would say a good 3-4 days!
- Super glossy finishes
- One of the nicest polishes that I have used in a while will definitely be investing in some more. 

- For the desired effect you need to put 2-3 coats on, I personally put 3 on which I normally only put 2 on with most polishes. 
- I don't like that you have to peel that big sticker off to open the polish because I love the packaging until you need to open it. That and it leaves a sticky bit on the side which you have to clean off. 

I must say the next time I am up in Regents Street I will be getting some more from this collection, I'm just a gutted about the sticker situation.

Have you seem this new brand? Have you visited the store? 

Bomb Cosmetics

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Saturday Everyone,

So last Sunday I went to the Vitality Show at Earls Court, London. It was a day of fitness, health and beauty literally my dream day. Whilst I was there I was introduced to some new brands and managed to grab myself some bargains too. One of my favourite discovered brands was Bomb Cosmetics where I was just in heaven and amazed by the volume of bath bombs, melts, creamers, blasters, soaps and candles... plus they came in every variety. Luckily my friend went and sat down with all our bags as she knew I would be there for a while even though I said I was only going to pick up a couple. Thankfully she knew me better and after about 30minutes of browsing, I came away with 18 bath goodies. 

Why I like Bomb Cosmetics:
  • They are handmade in the UK
  • Against animal testing
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Natural ingredients with essential oils 
  • Affordable prices
  • Wide variety
  • High quality products


What Bomb Cosmetics say: "Our Bath Brulees contain pure lashings of cocoa and shea butter! In fact they contain enough for up to 6 baths! Just take out the little foaming beauty when the water is soft and buttery enough and just store the rest in it's little cupcake paper."

What I say: These just smell amazing, literally think that I have died and gone to heaven when I smell these. I picked a Lavender scented one which I thought would be good for relaxing and to help de-stress after a hard day/week. Then I went for one of my favourite scents which is honey/creamy/vanilla scents.

Pro: I love the fact that they leave your skin feeling so silky soft and that the scent doesn't dilute when put in the bath. Also they are definitely worth the money too! 

Con: Whilst I think it is great that one brûlée can last up to six baths,  I firstly think that it is slight over ambitious of them to say 6 - I would probably say 4 and secondly the first time I took the brûlée out of the bath I found it a bit messy but definitely is okay once you get into the swing of doing that. I am naughty and have always used one per bath when using Lush ones. 


What Bomb Cosmetics say: "Bath Blasters are one of the easiest, most convenient and fun ways to enjoy aromatherapy and pure essential oils in everyday life. Pressed, rolled, dipped, sprinkled and piped entirely by hand to ensure each one is as lovely as the last!"

What I say: I did pick up more of these than are photoed by I have given them to a couple of people as I think they are so cute. I love the designs and packaging that they come in. I personally used one per bath but I know that a friend of mine has got two baths out of her one. 

Pro: Apart from smelling amazing this products designs really stand out to me, they have such a variety and I would love to slowly work my way through every single one of them. Plus they are nearly half the price of the ones in Lush and yet they are the same size. 

Con: My generally pet peeve about bath bombs/blasters is that you generally only get one use out of them and secondly they don't bubble or create bubbles and I am bubble bath kind of girl - these are just preferences though! 


What Bomb Cosmetics say: "Our beautiful handmade Bath Mallows contain just enough cocoa and shea butter to fill a bath with rich, nourishing creamy moisturising goodness. Unlike a Bath Blaster, these will gently melt, unlocking Mother Nature's bounty!"  

What I say: These would make the perfect gift, I think the presentation of these are amazing and so delicate - I would recommend for everyone. 

Pro: They just look perfect - they smell perfect, feel perfect and come in so many different varieties that there will be one for everyones preference. The creamy bottom nourishing the skin whilst the crumbly top helps makes bubbles. 

Con: You have to use one per bath because you can spilt them as the top part of the cupcake is a different texture to the bottom. The top has the consistency of a Bath Brûlée and the bottom feels like the bath creamers - which is great as you get the best of both worlds but annoying if you want to get two baths worth. 


What Bomb Cosmetics say: "Our decadent Bath Creamers are pressed by hand from pure cocoa and shea buffers, and trap some of Mother Nature's finest essential oils inside. They gently melt releasing nourishing and deeply moisturising butters to condition your skin."

What I say:  These look, smell and feel great. They are my favourite option, they do come on par with the Bath Mallows yet I think they make better gifts. They just make my baths feel extra special and I love a good bath especially on a Sunday. 

Pro: The first thing I love is that they a kind of seam down the middle of the ball where you can carefully split them using a normal knife which means they last longer and work out really cheap. 

Con: I am trying to think of a con for these but I am finding it really hard, whilst they don't create bubbles (my preferred bath) they do make the bath milky and soft. 

I can't wait to make my next order I already have quite a few things on my wish list.

Have you tried Bomb Cosmetics? 

TRESemme Platinum Strength Collection

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

TRESemme Platinum Strength Shampoo - £4.99
TRESemme Platinum Strength Conditioner - £4.99
TRESemme Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning -  £5.69
TRESemme Platinum Strength Leave In Conditioner - £5.69
TRESemme Platinum Strength 60 Second Treatment Shot - £1.49

Rating: 8/10

What TRESemme says: "Everyday styling can put your hair through the ringer, leaving it dry, dull and desperate. Give hair a fighting chance with the NEW TRESemmé® Platinum Strength™ Collection, a line of hair care products developed to fortify and strengthen hair. They repair up to two years of damage* and reinforce hair’s natural protective layer.
The Renewing Complex reinforces hair’s natural barrier, restoring hair and protecting against future damage. The result is beautifully smooth and healthy-looking hair that’s protected against future styling damage.

All Platinum Strength™ products are gentle enough for color treated hair."

What I say: I have such dry and damage hair and it doesn't help that I am dyed blonde with already dry hair. So when it comes to my hair care I need to use products which doesn't just mask the problem but tries to help it. I like that the shampoo is moisturising and the conditioner is thick enough to treat my hair though must be kept to the ends as it is really thick.

- As fas as saying that it fixes your hair, I wouldn't know but my hair definitely has been more bouncy and shiney (without the cringey expression) 
- I love the 60 second shot - I keep getting so many compliments from people saying that it looks as though I have had my hair cut,.
-The price is reasonable and many places keep having it on a half price promotion - I think Superdrug is the current one. 

- I find the TRESemme bottles super clumpy and awkward to use, they are too big and the bottles too firm.
- Out of this collection my least favourite item is the Leave in Conditioner as I find that it gives me the "I've still got conditioner in my hair" kind of feel which never feeks great. 
- The 60 second shot is similar to the deep conditioning and even though it helps with portion control as I always use way too much - the shot is an expensive way of doing it, so if I can use the right amount from the bigger bottle. 

Have you tried this collection? I love it, what do you think?

My Nail Varnish Collection

Sunday, 24 March 2013


Firstly I would just like to apologise for my absent these last couple of weeks, if I am totally honest with you, I just haven't had any motivation to post or really wanted to. However, by not blogging this has made me realise how much I miss it and I have quite a few exciting new products coming up so keep posted for that!

So I saw a 'new' way of organising nail varnish on Pinterest (which now I can't find the pin for) however I have seen this week on Instagram (follow me @misslaceyloves) that the new store "& Other Stories" which is based in Regents Street, London also show their polishes in this way.  I always struggle to decide what nail colour to apply unless I am in a particular mood or I have made a new purchase.

I bought a bag of lolly pop sticks from Lakeland for £2.59 for 100 of them and simply just painted the tip and wrote the nail and brand of the polish on the body of the stick. This also helped to see the consistency of the colours and how easy they painted on. I now keep them in a little pot next to my nail polishes. It helps me see which colours that I own so none of them get lost in the back of my cupboard! 

What do you think of this idea? How do you keep your polishes organised?

Charles Worthington Moisture Seal

Monday, 4 March 2013


I am always keeping my eyes peeled open for products to repair and rescue my hair. I have naturally dry hair and it doesn't help that I dye it blonde. I'm still sitting on the fence when it comes to hair oils, I know so many people rave about them but I always find it an odd concept. I need to see 100% miracles from an oil to come around to it I think. This Charles Worthington Melting Balm is a mid-ground for me, it feels like a hair product but when rubbed it is forms a thick, oil like balm. It doesn't seem dissimilar to facial cleasning balms.

All you need is a small amount, like the size of a 50pence into the palms of your hands where it just melts into a soft balmy liquid. Then I apply it to the ends of my unwashed hair before placing it into a top knot. Where I leave it for 20-30minutes... if my hair is particulary dry then I will leave it on for longer sometimes on a Sunday especially when I am just bumming around the house. You don't need to use a huge amount and it must stay to the ends of your hair otherwise it can make your roots extremely greasy. After only using this once I noticed a huge difference in the lookand felt of my hair, it instantly looked smoother, nourished and more shiny. My hair drank the moisture of the balm so it didn't feel as though I was weighing down the ends.  

It isn't the cheapest option on the market, but I would definitely say that it is worth the money. I have used this on a dozen occasions already and still have more than half the pot left. I think it is an amazing mask and Boots always have bits on promotion, you can pick this up at the moment for £10, if you miss that they usually have it on 3 for 2 also. So if you see it in your local boots, I would recommend this for everyone.

The product is a dream for anyone with split ends and damage. 

Revlon Colorstay - Coastal Surf Nail Enamel

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Today has been such a sunny and beautiful day, it is the first time this year that it has looked like Spring, shame that it hasn't felt it though. In honour of the blue skies and gorgeous sun, I decided to dig out one of my new shades that I have recently bought. The new Revlon Colorstay polishes have one of the best formulas that I have tried in a nail varnish. The colour brushes on the same as it looks in the bottle, and I have only applied one coat. I always use a clear base coat and a clear extra shine top coat. 

This Coastal Surf shade looks as though it is going to be one of my favourite of the spring/summer. I don't tend to wear blues and I am sometimes quite unadventurous with the colours that I wear/buy. But with this shade there is something bright and uplifting about it which shouts out fun and they make a statement. Revlon Coastal Surf Nail Polish is such a beautiful, bright and solid blue shade that I think will suit almost every skin tone. The formula of the polish is very different from lots of others on the high street, I don't think I have ever tried a colour which gives such a bold and full coverage in one coat. It is definitely a one coat, super glossy finish and extremely easy to apply. It says that is last up to 11 days and I will be hopefully putting that to the test even though I usually change my polish weekly.  I can't fault this polish at all and I will be definitely buying a lot more colours in this range.

SPAtopia London Argan Body Oil

Monday, 25 February 2013

SPAtopia London Argan Body Oil - £6.99 from Sainsbury's

I want to have a rant about the weather, now I know being typically British I always love a moan and moan about the weather does give me some slight enjoyment. But seriously, how cold is it in the UK at the moment? Last week I just couldn't get cold... I swear it is coming up to March, I mean spring, have you got lost? 

So because of all this cold weather has played havoc with my skin, it has become so dry and flakey. I think it doesn't help that I'm going from the heating to freezing cold. My usual body butter isn't cutting it at the moment and I need something which will really sink into the skin. This is great for locking in the moisture and keeping my skin soft and subtle. 

This Argan Oil is great for your skin it is full of antioxidants, vitamin E which helps repair your skin while reducing stretch marks and moisturising the skin. The thing which makes this body oil different from the rest and why I think it is one of the best out there is because it contains a combination of Argan and Tamanu Oil along with a fragrant blended of Lemon, Patchouli and Petitgrain which leaves a sweet smell on your skin whilst the Tamanu oil helps improve the appearance of the uneven skin tone. 

I think this product is such a bargain and I would love to get my hands on the entire collection because this has really helped rescue my skin at the moment. A little goes a long way with this product and it such a bargain. 

Have you tried any of these products? 

This Works: Clean Skin 5-in-1 Water

Monday, 18 February 2013

So I bought this cleanser a few months back and I only used it a couple of times because at the same time I bought a new bottle of Bioderma which is one of my all time favourite make-up removers. Now I have sadly come to the end of my Bioderma and have switched to the This Works water and to be honest I haven't actually notice a big difference between the two.

There is one thing which stands out to me between these products is that the Bioderma is a lot more sensitive around the eye area. I find that Bioderma doesn't sting my eyes as much as this one does. It makes the outer corner of my eyes sore after I have wipe any eye make-up off. I am not sure whether this is because the ingredients in this cleanser reacts with the ingredients of my mascara or whether it just isn't as gentle as some other cleansers. If I could I would have this my way I would have the This Works cleanser for my face and the Bioderma for my eyes but I never have the time to do this.

One of my favourite things about this product which I prefer from the Bioderma is the packaging. I like the sleek and modern and looks like it is from a higher price range. The lid has a tight clip and the product is a pump so you are less like to spill or put too much product onto a pad. It also contains rosewater which I am not a fan of due to its scent but with this cleanser, the rose smell is growing on me. The cleanser makes my skin feel fresh and super clean so I don't feel that I have to double cleanse. The water also contains elements of Mint in this water which helps keep redness at bay and it actually works which I was pretty impressed by.

Overall, I think the This Works cleanser is great for getting face make-up off and really working deep into the pores to decongest the skin and help brighten it. I would 100% be repurchasing this but I think it will always come in joint with Bioderma as I go through stages of using each one!

Do you have any Bioderma rivals? Have you tried any products from the This Works brand?

My ebay seller where I get my Bioderma from is here.

Botanics Hydrating All Bright Day & Night Cream

Friday, 15 February 2013

Since the rebranding of Botanics, I just can't seem to keep away from them. It doesn't help that they are always on promotion which makes it that little more tempting. Though having said that the reason I am pulled towards the brand for the price isn't just the main persuasion, they are great products. The fresh floral smelling pink creams blend and sink smoothly the skin. With hibiscus which acts as a brightening agent because of the flowers natural AHA's which exfoliates to help brighten the skin.

As most of my readers know, I don't like spending too much on products however I like products to have a high quality no matter how much they cost. I chose the hydrating cream as I have been finding that because the weather has been so cold my skin has become dry and chapped. I need a cream which nourishes my skin but doesn't sit on top of it, which these creams don't.

The day cream has an SPF 15 which saves times or putting too many layers of product on your skin especially as I tend to put foundation on afterwards.  You don't need to put too much on your skin as a little goes a long way. These are only 50ml pots, however I have been using them for the past 2 months and I am about half my way through them.

The night cream I think is my favourite of the pair because it feels kind of balmy as the formula is quite thick. However when smoothed onto the skin it doesn't take long to sink in by which time my skin feels soft and as though it has nothing on it. That is a personal favourite about any product, when it naturally enhances and you don't notice it but can see it working. Also I must had as well that both of these creams contain hyaluronic acid which helps your skin retain its moisture which is why you don't need too much all over and just focus on my dry patches.

Have you tried these? Can you recommend any Botanics favourites?

My Big Fat Diary: Week 5

Tuesday, 12 February 2013
Hello Girls,

Week Five: 

After all of your wonderful comments last week and all the tips that you gave me I just felt super motivated to start this week. At first I was a bit apprehensive about blogging my "weight loss" journey because to be honest I know how easy I find it to fall of the wagon and I thought that this blogging series would turn into a failure because I would give up or be embarrassing because I would come across as lazy or I would just lie about what has really been going on and tell you all what I think you would want to hear. And I am so glad that I haven't done any of these... well actually have been slightly embarrassed by the lack of effort that I have put in but your comments and tips of motivation and support have really pulled me through whereas I think if I was doing this solo, I would had just failed. However I was a little bit disheartened this morning when I realised that I had only lost another pound and I know it sounds silly but I did have a little cry because I felt as though I had put a lot of effort in this week and it didn't pay off as well as I would had hope. I was thinking that I had lost around 2-3lb because of my size but I hadn't. Anyhow a lost is still a lost. 

Lost: 1lb

Food: I have been really good at not eating too much rubbish this week and I even had a couple of cheeky trips to Nandos but rather than having my usual Chicken burger, chips, halloumi cheese and garlic bread (I know carb central... I just love their rolls).  I have been having a half a chicken with salad and halloumi cheese, because we can't skip out all the things we love and it is amazing. Myfitnesspal has become my new best friend and I am religiously noting down everything that I am eating and even planning in advance what to have just so I know to make the right choices. 

Calorie Target - 1500 per day/ 10,500 for the week. 

Calorie Intake - 9, 172 for the week - which means I wasn't too naughty about what I have been munching on. 

Fitness: It is true what they say that once you get the bite for fitness you really do go for it. I am not going to lie it wasn't easy nor was it pretty, however I feel better for it and that has got to count for something right? I ached and the next morning I moaned but I picked myself up and changed up my routine just to make sure that I wasn't just focusing on the same muscles. This seemed to really help with the making me less achy in the morning. 

Exercising Target - 3x 1 hour exercise per week 

Actual Exercising - This week I had the bite for it - I did 2 gym sessions, 1 body conditioning class and 2 swimming sessions (100 laps).  

Mood: I have been feeling good this week, I feel positive about myself. A lot of things seem to have started to change, my hair is in better condition (probably due to the vitamins that I am taking), my skin is clearer (probably due to the vast mounts of water which I am drinking) and I am just in a better mood and have so much more energy which is a bigger plus too. 

If you want to see the background behind me and my weight see this post (includes pictures)  

Any healthy "grazing" snacks that you can recommend?


Mass Empties #2

Monday, 11 February 2013

Will Repurchase 
Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner (See Full Review Here)
For how cheap that this product is, I am in love. I am dreading the day when they rebrand the product because I know they will change the formula. Companies always do this and it is really annoying. This conditioner is probably the first one that I have used in a long time where I can say it makes it silky smooth. 

Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask 
If my skin is going through "time of the month" hell then this is the mask which usually sorts out my skin. I find it really clarifying and calming. I tend to have to use it after my spots have kind of come out because I find if I use it before they have erupted then my skins tends to burst out into a spotty nightmare. However, it makes them fade really quickly and relieves any redness too. It is a spot hero. 

The Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub
Coconut is my favourite scent especially for my body, that aside from citrus ones. This scrub from The Body Shop because is not too abrasive to use everyday but it scrubs enough to really work into the skin. That and the smells lasts ages (though I do pair it with the coconut body butter) which probably helps but it is definitely delicious. 

Lancome Tonique Douceur Hydrating Toner
I can't wait to get paid because my skin has been missing this already. I love this toner and it is one of my favourite thing for my skin. It smells of Parma Violets and just sinks into my skin beautifully. I don't really know what to say other than it is amazing!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation (See Full Review Here)
For a high street brand, this foundation is flawless and just blends into my skin beautifully. It has great coverage but isn't cakey. I can't wait to repurchase this but I am currently trying to use up some older ones first however it is definitely on the cards especially when summer time comes around. 

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment 
I am still not 100% sure whether this actually makes your hair grow but I do think it helps. If that makes any sense. But aside the fact that it might not make your hair grow it is great at conditioning it and putting back into good condition. I use it for my "Sunday Head" where I cling film wrap my hair for about 2-3 hours. I may not look sexy but my hair does especially after I wash it out!

Might Repurchase
Radox Moisture Soak Bath Therapy
I am a little bit of a bath snob as I love my Lush products, I know that they aren't the most cost effective but they make my bath times that little bit special. I don't dislike Radox it just makes the bath time less special, but I find it handy to always have a bottle in my cupboard just incase my Lush stock has run out. It smells nice and bubbles up -  what more do you need from a bath. 

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Daily Miracle Treatment
Again this is another product which I liked but not loved. It did a good job and what is was supposed to but didn't make my hair feel out of this world. Good but definitely no miracle. 

Ralph by Ralph Lauren
I love this summery scent - I have used it on and off for years. I love how fresh it is and it is light too. The only thing that annoys me slightly is that it the scent doesn't last for as long as I would like but after using it for a while it doesn't become a stronger scent. 

John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo 
This was a thick shampoo which felt like it was making a difference too. I always find that I focus on getting a great conditioner and tend to forget the shampoo, when actually the shampoo is probably the most important. I love how thick this is and the smell of it too. 

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor
Now I know so many people who love this product, I would probably go as far as saying that I like this product but I don't find it amazing. I find that it is quite heavy in my hair and I have to spend ages washing it out. However, once I have taking the time to rinse it, it is okay. I might look into trying this again - any tips would also be helpful :) 

Won't Repurchase
Oral-B Complete Extra White Toothpaste
I don't know why but this toothpaste gives me such bad breath well at first it is really minty but then leaves a horrible taste in my mouth. Would not recommend or buy again.  

John Frieda Full Repair Conditioner
I wasn't impressed by this as much as I was with the Shampoo because I didn't think that it was nourishing enough for my hair. It didn't treat it as well as I would have expected this conditioner to do. 

The Body Shop Peppermint Pumice Foot Scrub (See Full Review Here)
This is going to be too much information and probably be a little grim but I have quite bad skin on my feet and I need a scrub which is really thick and feels like it is shredding the hard skin off. The scrub is quite squidgy and doesn't have thick corse grains. 

Lee Stafford My Big Fat Healthy Hair Shampoo (See Full Review Here)
This was one of these products which I was just rushing to get rid off and I wanted to finish it. I just wasn't impressed with it at all. I can't say what I didn't like because I don't know it just made my hair feel crappy to be honest. 

Lancome Anti-Stress Moisturising Cream
This was a nice little sample and I quite liked it. I found it too thick to use as a day time cream but not thick enough for a nighttime cream even though I used it as that. It made my skin feel hydrated and calmed the redness but when I looked in to buying it but it was way too expensive considering I wasn't wowed by the product. 

L'oreal Super Liner Luminizer in Green
This was easy to apply and gave a really nice consistent line and at first I liked the sparkly green shimmer in it. There is nothing wrong with this product at all but I just generally prefer black eyeliner one which is higher in pigmentation. 

I think that this is my last big empties as I have used up most of my half filled items. Are you a sucker for half using products?