The Body Shop: Cucumber Freshening Water

Wednesday, 26 September 2012
The Body Shop Cucumber Freshening Water: £4

Firstly I think I need to start off by saying that you can no longer purchase this item as The Body Shop has discontinued it, much to my annoyance. About five years ago now I had a huge obsession with The Body Shop and had purchased nearly all the lines in store. This cucumber water was probably one of my favourite items along with the Body Butters and Hair Creams (post coming soon). 

The thing I love about it is that I find it a good cheap alternative to my usual toner. When times are tight but I need an effective toner this one always does the trick, in fact it is more than just a toner because it can refresh your skin during the day too. When I was on holiday this was a number one essential in my beach/pool bag because it is really good for giving your skin that clean feeling boost. 

It smells fresh and I find that it doesn't tend to sit on the skin which is really nice. It has that soothing cool effect which is great if you are hot and bothered. 

Does anyone know of a good alternative?

F*ck Monday: The Life Of Lacey

Monday, 24 September 2012
The Life Of Lacey 0 - 23 years old

As it is my birthday tomorrow, I thought I would do this cute blog which I had all the photos in a folder on my computer for my twenty first birthday with the addition of two more years... Eeek (can't believe how old I've got)
So here we go... and I hope you like it.

Just popped out:












Twelve: I can't find it because I think I had a fat of fringe cut. Oops.











AND THE BIG TWENTY THREE (I know this is a day early... Oops):

Style Crush

Sunday, 23 September 2012
Can you guess who?

Literally would give anything for this girl's wardrobe... She is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Lauren Conrad... Beaut.

Benefit They're Real Vs Rimmel Scandal Eyes Show Off

Saturday, 22 September 2012

 Rimmel Scandal Eyes (Top) Benefit They're Real (Bottom)

Rimmel Scandal Eyes (Right) Benefit They're Real (Left)

Benefit They're Real retails at £18.50 - I love the brush on the Benefit mascara, it is fine enough to coat every lash and easily lifts lashes which gives them extra curliness especially if you've used a lash curler beforehand. I apply this mascara with zig zag motions to make sure the lashes get covered. The tip helps to get into the nocks and crannies of my eyes. It leaves a great effect but they only thing I don't particularly like about this formula is that it is quite sticky and hard to remove off the lashes. I find that I tend to need some heavy duty eye make up remover like Clinique Take Off The Day and with a struggle it will all remove. 

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Show Off retails at £4.99 - The brush on this is really thick and harder to manoeuvre around my little eyes but when I get the right angle they perfectly coat each lash of mine. I find that I can't use this on my lower lashes but the wand is thick enough to curl the top ones. The formula is thick enough to last all day but without clumping the lashes. It is easy to remove and doesn't fake easily during the day. Not a good mascara if you're feeling emotional. 

Now without the instant price difference with this products they are quite similar. If you could have the benefit brush with the Rimmel formula I think I would have my perfect mascara. Hint Hint if companies start to do this. I need to get my eyes peeled.