Soap & Glory Hates to Loves

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Soap & Glory - Easy Glistening Dry Oil Body Gloss - £5.50 for 150ml

Soap & Glory - Hair Supply Repair Mask Mini - £unavailable for 50ml

I have recently finished up these two products which has taken me nearly a year, and considering the hair mask is a mini that is a lonnnngggg time! The problem was that once I had got them in a different gift boxes last Christmas, I was really excited to try these out  as I always am after recieving presents. These two were the ones that I really didn't get on with, until recent.

Hair Supply -  On first use, this product was really really thick and even once I had wash it out I could feel the product still on the roots of my hair. At the time, I thought it was because I hadn't rinsed it out properly but it seems now that with this a little goes a long way. Last month my hair went through a stage of going super dry again and rather than slathering this product on with a mask, I just focused on the ends with this. In the end I actually really got on with this mask and I am quite disappointed that it is no longer available (well not that I can see :( boo)

Easy Glistening - I hate body products that contain glitter - a subtle bit I don't mind but a lot, eeek I hate it! However, the other week I was off out for a big night and I decided to have my legs out (i know shocker) and I decided to fake tan them. I wanted my legs to have a shiny glossy look as they always look better esp with the black floaty dress I was wearing it with. I sprayed this on gentle and WOW, I wondered why I ever hated it so much before. They made my legs looks so much nicer and possibly slightly thinner which can never be a bad thing... 

Have you have hate a product then fell in love with it again?

Massive Lush Haul

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Avobath Bath Bomb - £3.20 - This is a super fizzy bomb, it isn't as green as it looks on the Lush website. It has a strong citrus smell which is from the lemongrass but isn't too drying on the skin as it consists of avocado which is nourishing. I probably wouldn't recommend this if you have super dry skin. I find citrus smells quite revitalising so I tend to use them in my bath if I am getting ready for a night out and not if I am getting straight into bed. 

Fun (Pink) Bath Playdough - £5 - If you are simple minded like myself and enjoy the simple things in life then you will love this. It is so much fun, as the name suggests. This bath bar has the consistency of playdough and can be shaped and reshaped into different figures. It smells like Snow Fairy - which is quite sweet, probably sweeter than I would prefer. It says that it is suitable as bath bar, soap and shampoo, I probably wouldn't use it as shampoo. 

Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon - £2.95 - This is one of my favourites, I love the fact that it is easily split in two as it is shaped like a Macaroon. It means you can get more baths out of it as I like to through the whole lot in usually. It has a strong coconut/coco smell to it, and when melted in the bath it is quite thick and creamy. It is really soft on the skin and creates huge bubbles - which is what I don't get from a bath bomb. 

Karma Bubble Bar - £3.15 - This is my favourite Lush scent by far, there is something mentally stimulating about these. I can't quite describe what they smell like - but it is definitely worth the travel to the store to go and smell them. They create lots of bubbles and turn your bath water orangey. The best thing about these little bars, is that they can break easily and you only need a small amount for your bath. I usually get four baths out of one of these. 

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb - £3.20 - This was the first thing that I ever brought from Lush when I was about 15/16. I'm no longer a massive fan of it, it is massive and I find them hard to break so I tend to only get one use per bath. It again is sweet smelling but I do like that little rose floats around the bath which is quite cute. It is a very girly bath bomb as the water goes pink and it has a strong Jasmine smell. 

The Comforter Bubble Bar - £4.25 - A pricer bar of the bunch, but it is a lot larger in size. It has strong berry scents as just like the Karma bar, it is easy to split into pieces to get several baths out of it. I personally (and I don't know why) can't get this bar to bubble as much as others than I use. It also is quite girly and you get bright pink water which is a nice effect. 

Buffy Body Butter - £5.95 for 90grams - If you have super dry skin... then this is perfect for you. It is like an exfoliating, soap and body moisturisers all in one. My skin isn't as dry and this product would prefer so I do get a slight residue which is a bit annoying but it tends to sink into the skin after I have got out and dried. It is full of coco butter and shea butter and is really soothing for sun damage or winter bitten skin. This would remain a bath essential for me. Although Aqua Mirabilis is still my favourite but it is the same concept. 

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar - £2.50 - Another sweet scent bubble bar, I don't know why I buy these because I know the smell isn't my favourite. It must be something to do with the inner little girl in me. This for me is standard - I don't love it nor do I hate it. It's pink, it's bubbly and it smells nice, what more could you want?

Jungle - Solid Conditioner - Sample - Lush are great for giving away a couple of samples when you buy a few bits and GOSH I buy a lot in there. I am pretty sure my local store know my skin type and preferences as well as their own. This solid conditioners is weird. I LOVE the smell of it - I need to find a bath bomb or something the same smell as this. However, I rub it into the ends of my hair and I am not sure whether it is because my hair is super dry that it just dries up that you can never feel it in there. Bit disappointed but I am glad that I never purchased one of them. 

Aromaco - Solid Deodorant - Sample - This is another product that I have wanted to try but never that much that I wanted to part with the money. Now I am not sure if I am using it right or whether my arms are super sensitive but when I rub it on there it isn't creamy and nor does it really work. Am I using it right? It feels that I should be melting it first as it is too hard. 

Catastrophe Cosmetic - Face Mask - £5.95 - My favourite face mask, by far. It helps sorts of my spots, soothes my skin and evens the skin tone. That's a lot to get from a face mask and I am glad that I get it. It is full of blueberries and they contain antioxidants which are great clearing skin. I apply this quite liberally and I leave it on for about 15mins whilst I am in the bath. I then exfoliate it into my skin and use a muslin cloth to make sure it takes of the last of the remains. 
BIG - Sea Salt Shampoo - £11.25 - Again, my favourite shampoo. I did a full review of this here but all I can say is that this product is AMAZING and if you haven't tried it - DO!

Fair Trade Foot Lotion - £8.95 - This sounds weird but if I have been on my feet a lot or I have been at the gym, my feet can get quite sore. This foot cream is like a little cuddle for your feet, it contains peppermint so it quite minty smelling and cooling. I get through tubs of this and as much as I quite like my Body Shop one, this is my favourite. Also it helps nourish and soften dry skin!

I'm off to buy my Christmas Lush Haul - I am a bit excited to review these new bits (well I got them for my birthday which was September). I just love everything Lush but I wanted to make sure that the Christmas Collection doesn't steal the limelight of these favourites. :) 

What have you brought recently? 

F*CK Monday: Meh

Monday, 26 November 2012

Good evening all my lovely followers, again I have been MIA (just not blogging consistently) - I have been pretty clueless to what to blog about. Plus I am getting continually frustrated with my camera as it is shocking - It is just a Nikon Cool Pix. So I am currently thinking of investing in a Canon 600D or 650D... unsure which as of yet. To be honest I have just been purely unmotivated at the moment. But I can assure you that I have some cool blog posts coming up that I am really excited about. So stay tuned guys :)

L'oreal Studio Matt & Messy Salt Spray

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Studio Matt & Messy Shine-Free Salt Spray - 150ml - £3.56

I have a love hate issue with this product; more for the fact that I love it but it hates me.  For me it makes my hair look amazing in a fraction of a second, which is great for a lazy girl like me as I can get a cool look easily. BUT it hates me in the fact that it dries my hair out massively. It doesn't look as dry as it feels but it is still doesn't look glossy and soft. Also if I don't wash it straight out it also feels that it mattes my hair which is another negative. This is so frustrating because I LOVE how my hair looks with this product. Wah.

So I find that with this, you don't need to pump munch of this onto your hair. I tend to tip my head upside down and do a couple of sprits then flick my hair back and do a sprit either side. I scrunch my hair with my hairs just to get the product into my hair. It gives it loads of volume and bounce to my hair. It is heavily scented but once sprayed that is weakened. It is cheap and for the amount of product you get and the quality it is a bargain. However, it makes me wonder that if it was a high end then it would be less drying to my hair. 

I really want a product like this but one that doesn't dry out my hair. Any suggestions? Have you tried this and liked it?

The Beauty Parlour T-Zone Oil Control Moisturiser

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Just a quick review for this evening - this is a spur of the moment purchase. I am not normally attracted these gimmicky types of packaging but there was something quite intriguing about this brand. I think it kind of reminded me of Soap & Glory but just a Superdrug alternative. I feel kind of bad making that comparison because it doesn't really come close to their products - however having said that this was my favourite out of the few bits that I brought. I find it hard to find a moisturiser which wows me, not saying that this did, but it didn't disappoint. It sinks into the skin quickly, it doesn't feel heavy as it has a light consistency. It is slightly perfumed which obviously I would prefer it to have a more vanilla/ coconut scent (my favourite). 

It is pretty cheap and available at Superdrug for £3.49 for 100ml and a little goes a long way. I prefer to use this when my skin is looking pretty rough and it doesn't seem to make it worst which some of my more nourishing creams do. I'm doubt I would repurchase this item but I quite like it and trying new things, so I am definitely not upset that I tried this. 

Have you tried anything from this range?

F*ck Monday: Panic

Monday, 19 November 2012

Happy Monday All,

I hope you are all well and today I was going to write a very different topic to the one that I am actually writing. I've had an offish week to be honest and my head hasn't been in the right state hence why I haven't been blogging. On Thursday night I went to see Ryan Bingham at Scala in Kings Cross which was amazing (go check him out). He's is my boyfriends favourite musician of all time and his music style is very country slash soft rock. I like it though :) Then friday I felt a bit ill so that was a right off. 

That's when it brings me to saturday and to todays topic. Basically a few weeks ago I watched Zoella's video on Panic Attacks (see here). I have never suffered with panic attacks before quite luckily and this video was very insightful. I do on the other had suffer with anxiety problems just before I go out but that never normally stops me from doing anything. I just tend to get a little shaky and kind of butterfly stomach but once I am out and I put my smile on and I'm go go go :) 

However this Saturday, I wasn't really in the mood to go out but I ended up dragging my arse out of the house - boy was that a mistake. Well, I dolled myself out and I quite liked the outfit that I had assembled and I was just popping out for one or two. I was driving so I didn't plan a big or late night out. Now I was just going to a local pub, even though I haven't been up there in the last 6 months, I used to go there quite frequently. I know a few people who regularly drink in there so it wasn't like going into a place full of strangers. On the drive over there, I got these really bad chest pains and began to get teary. I wasn't sure why. I parked up outside and literally felt like I couldn't get out the car, I eventually dragged myself out of the car and told myself to snap out of it because I was being ridiculous. 

Anyway, that was a big mistake - the second that I felt unsure I should had just gone back home. I walked into the pub and I could feel that everyone was staring at me (which they weren't) and that everyone was talking about me (which again they weren't). I began to panic and felt like I was going to be sick, my eye were getting black spots in them and my hearing was muffling. I went outside to get some fresh air and my stomach was in knots just cramping. I felt the most paranoid and panicky, that I have ever felt in my life - this was unusual too. I began to feel like I couldn't speak or breathe and just had to leave at that exact time. 

Now on reflection, I re watched Zoella's video and felt that I could really relate to it and it helped me think that I am not a weird person and that these attacks can happen to anyone, anywhere at anytime. Which is kind of scary as I would never had associated this with myself. Hopefully this doesn't become a frequent occurrence. 

Has anyone else suffered a one off attack like this?  

My Body Shop Pedicure

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Body Shop - Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion - 60ml for £3

The Body Shop - Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak - 50g - £7 (for 200g)

              The Body Shop - Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub - 100ml - £7

                 The Body Shop - Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray - 100ml - £6  

When it comes to the winter season (and most of the summer), I always forget about my feel. In the summer I make sure that my toe nails are painted because unpainted toe nails and sandals isn't a good look. I have had these products for the year - I brought them in good intentions as I was going to pedicure my feet every so often over the summer, but I am just super lazy. So I thought the other day now my feet are going to live in boots, I thought I would give them a one last treat. 

Firstly I get a bowl of pretty hot water, I like it as hot as I can handle. I add the Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak to the water. They are like salt granules and I leave my feet to soak for 10-20 minutes. It isn't over powering in smell but it does soothe your feet without having to do anything. The salts disintegrate into the water - I usually wait for this to happen before removing my feet. 

Next I lift one up out of the water and begin to massage in the scrub. The Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub is a weird spongey texture. You need to make sure your feet are wet enough for the scrub to work into the feet, sometimes you need to add a little extra water. I scrub as much as I can and then rinse my feet off in the water. It isn't the best scrub I have ever used but it does make my feet super soft!

Once I have tried them, I use a liberal amount of the Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion, which is OK but there are a lot nicer ones on the market at the moment. All that said, it smells quite nice for peppermint (not my favourite scent). I can't quite decide what I don't really like about the product but I know that I don't like it. It is possibly because the formula is quite thin and runny plus it doesn't last keeping your feet soft. 

The Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray is an added extra, I don't use it that much (unless my boyfriend has been working in the rain and I need to smell proof his feet). Or if I have been on my feet all day whether it is summer and my feet have got hot or winter and they've been stuck in boots all day - I tend to spray them with this and it does the trick. I have never used or tried other ones. I tend to just buy this and repurchase when it is finish as I do really like it :)

What are your pedicure tips?

F*ck Monday: Productive

Monday, 12 November 2012

Happy Monday Followers :) 

I hope everything is going great for you all. I was unsure what to write my Monday Post about today. I think I've been hitting with a bit of a blogger brick wall. I really enjoyed my post yesterday so, I wanted todays to be as interesting (that's if you found it that way haha). As a lot of you know I have faced a few set backs recently and this has meant that I have a build up of things that I need to do. 

What I Need To Do:

* Catch up with A LOT of people (being sick and indoors a lot has made me a little out of the social network)
* My phone is due an upgrade so I need to sort that out. iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy 3??
* Sort some new blogging ideas
* Put some of my unworn clothes on eBay
* Finish reading The Last Song - I only have 90 pages to go and I just can't get through it.
* Get back at the gym
* Finish some of my freelance articles
* Reply to my emails (the ones that are kind of lagging behind)
(If I thought a little harder the list will probably be endless) 

My tips of how to be productive:
1. Write a to do this - Make sure this is done the night before you want the list to be completed. Also don't spend a lot of time completing it. An app called Wunderlist is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G for this. 
2. Start at number one and complete it, that way it will be easier to get through.
3. Trying not to spend time doing nothing. For example I could sit on the internet watching YouTube videos or reading blogs and then like 3 hours have gone in a flash. 
4. Do something "fun" or what you want between each thing - to keep the focus. 
5. Once everything is done you'll feel amazing. 

Hope this helps if any of you need a little help - now I have to try and keep to it myself :)

10 Days of Me

Sunday, 11 November 2012
I know this is quite an old bloggy challenge thing but I wanted to do this and it has been my favourite post so far!

10 Secrets:
* Dancing to my iPod while no one is watching
* Pretending to be asleep to get extra cuddles in the morning
* Singing at the top of my voice in the car
* I'm rubbish at texting back (not really a secret to people who know me)
* I don't always take my make-up off.
* I worry about money more than I should
* I sometimes lie about what I eat and wonder why I don't lose weight
* I suffer with really bad dreams or nightmares and think they are real
* I always forget to stay in touch with people and then regret it later
* I used to have my nose pierced

9 Loves:

8 Fears:

7 Wants:

6 Places:

5 Foods:

4 Books:
3 FIlms:

2 Songs:
Birdy - People Help The People 

Ben Howard - The Wolves

1 Me:

I really enjoyed doing this post, as it is quite personal! I hope you liked it too :) 

TRESemme Split Remedy Leave-In Treatment

Saturday, 10 November 2012

TRESemme Split Remedy Leave-In Treatment125ml - £5.69 

I brought a bulk of conditioning products a while back and I have just got around to rediscovering this. At the time I preferred the Joh Frieda conditioner as it detangled my knotty and dry hair, whereas this product just made my hair feel better after a while.

I like the packaging but there isn't much not to like about it, it is standard TRESemme design. It has a fine mist spray which helps distribute the product over your hair evenly unlike some others. It doesn't feel sticky on your hair and drys instantly. I mainly put the product on the ends of my hair and considering my hair is extremley dry, my friend the other day was quite surprised that I don't have that many split ends. I put that down to the frequent use of this product recently. It smells quite pleasant and doesn't last on the hair so you aren't over powered by it. 

I'm really pleased with this product and I will be trying out the whole range to see how the condition of my hair will go using more than one of them. Overall, really happy with this product especially for the price of it. 

bareMinerals: Ready Blush 'The Tease'

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

bareMinerals Ready Blush in Tease - £22

Firstly I want to start of by saying that I am not a blusher kind of girl, I need to only ever wear bronzer to be honest but as I haven't fake tanned in a long while and summer is just a distant memory, I thought I would try a "winter" look. What appealed me to this bareMinerals blusher was I have heard great things about the brand. I was toying between buying this pink blusher or a peachy colour but I the sales assistant put both on either cheek in the shop and I must say that the pink was an unusual look for me but I quite liked it. 

I don't tend to apply blusher on the balls of my cheek as I think it makes my face look super round. I was pretty scared of how bright and pink the blusher was in the palette, however it blends smoothly onto my skin. Another thing that I like about this product was that it isn't too shimmery and there is only a small hint of glitter in the product. I like the packaging as well, it has a mirror and a brush (a good quality one at that) which are essentials because it means you can carry it around. Ignoring the expensive price tag - I love this product and I personally think that it is worth it. 

I still like the bronzed look but I am going to definitely switch it up a little more these days. I'm glad I splurged on this product too and I am still surprise how warm the colour is on my skin compared to the palette. 

Do you like my new lighting of the products? Do they look any different? Also can you recommend any other bareMinerals products? 

Empties #7

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

So this post may seem like it is packed full of empties but recently I have been using up all the odds and ends of each potion and lotion in preparation for Christmas. 

Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly Shampoo & Conditioner - 400ml - £3.79 (each) - I never used to be a fan of Herbal Essence but when they re branded themselves, I love it. I love the smell of this duo and it leaves my hair in great condition - sometimes better than the high end products that I use. 
Will Repurchase: For one you can usually get these so cheap or on offer in Boots and Superdrug. It is always handy to have products like this in your beauty stock all the time. 

Garnier Ambre Solaire Self Tanning Dry Body Mist - 150ml - £11.69  - The first thing that I do say about this product is that I don't find the smell very desirable. However the product is nice... It gives me a good coverage but can sometimes go blotchy if prior moisturiser which hasn't dried. 
Might Repurchase: I liked it but I didn't love it. Which makes me wonder whether I should purchase it or not as their might be something better out next summer. 

L'oreal Volume Million Lashes Extra Black Mascara - 9ml - £10.99  - This mascara loves my lashes and my lashes love it back... It makes my lashes look so black, thick and luscious - it doesn't clump or give me spider lashes. 
Will Repurchase: I already have two in my stock already - go buy!

The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Scrub - 200ml - £12.50 Body Shop scrubs are my second favourite aside from Soap & Glory Breakfast scrub. However, the preferred scent is Coconut but this comes closely behind. I just wished this product had bigger grains of scrub in them, but I know they are softer so you can use them everyday. 
Will Repurchase: Just because I know I will get the urge to buy more. I still have a couple in my collection. 

Oral B 1 2 3 Toothpaste - 100ml - £1.35 I'm not sure why I chose to include this in my empties, but it was a nice tooth paste. No ground breaker.
Won't Repurchase: Generally I prefer whitening tooth pastes. 

Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiance Fluid - 30ml - £34 - After a couple of uses of this product I didn't use it again for a couple of weeks. It wasn't one of the best purchases of mine. The formula was quite gloppy and felt sticky on my skin afterwards. It took a while to sink in and went all blotchy. 
Won't Repurchase: To expensive for what it is worth - made no dramatic change to my face at all after frequent use. 

Gok Body Wash & Liquid Gold Bath Essence- 200ml - £Gift Set Last Christmas - Over perfumed, thick and over glittery body products isn't in my good books at all. I gave it the benefit of the doubt by using it but I really hate these products and that is a strong word for me. The rest which came in the gift set I gave to my little cousins - I wouldn't recommend at all.
Won't Repurchase: To expensive for what it is worth - made no dramatic change to my face at all after frequent use.

Lynx Limited Edition Attract For Her- 150ml - £2.95 - It smells nice and fresh but it doesn't help fight body odour if you are using whilst exercising a lot. It masks the smell rather than preventing it.
Won't Repurchase: As much as I like the smell and the packaging, I need something that works rather than something that just smells pretty.

Clinique Perfectly Real Foundation - 30ml - £21.50 - A thick creamy, moisturising foundation which blends into the skin. I have quite dry patches and this foundation didn't stick or highlight these parts. It lasted well and looked great sometimes needed a little powder but covered a multitude of sins as well.
Might Repurchase: It isn't a holy grail product and I do like to mix up my foundations and experiment with other brands but I did like this so there is always a possibility.

Chanel Chance Eau De Parfum - 50ml - £62- Everyone has their scent, this is mine. I LOVE this product - it is possibly one of my favourite beauty products of all time. It is quite strongly scent and I'm not that great at describing it - you'll have to go out and have a whiff.
Will Repurchase: I currently have one opened but I am waiting for a new one to hopefully arrive this Christmas.

V05 Perfect Length Serum - 75ml - £discontinued - Quite a strong selling spray serum mist, it sits on your hair rather than nourishing it. The nozzle on the spray dispersed the product all over the hair and around the room which wastes the product. You need to keep it away from your roots as it will grease up your hair - which isn't a good look.
Won't Repurchase: If I could then I wouldn't, it don't like the concept of a serum being a spray as I think it tends to sit on your hair and makes it look greasier than rubbing serum through the ends of your hair.

Botanics Foaming Bath Soak - 450ml - £Unavailable  - Firstly I want to say that this bubble bath is an unusual concept because you have to scoop the product out of the tube with your hands and place it under the tap. It is really creamy and has honey in it which soothes any irritated skin. It bubbles up a lot, which is a must for my bubble baths and smells herbal and relaxing.
Will Repurchase: As Botanics have re branded their products and they no longer do this specific one which is a shame but I am excited to try some of their new bath soaks.

Nivea Daily Essential Cleansing Wipes - 25 wipes per pack - £4 (for two)- I try not to use wipes as I don't find them very sensitive to my skin. I always never think that they aren't good for your skin which also makes me stir clear. However, both variations of this products are a great way to remove make-up if you are feeling super lazy or had a heavy night out.
Will Repurchase: They were soft and kind to my skin and I really enjoyed using them but I like to also use a cleanser after as I don't really think that they do that job.

Lush Sugar Babe Body Scrub - 100g - £discontinued- They do a Christmas Santa verison of this one and they don't have it in any packaging either. The packaging was one of the biggest downfalls of this product, it is hard to remove and once you got the product wet it goes sloppy so for next use it is still hard to use. The smell is soapy - now you know I'm not good at describing things but it is the smell of soap! ha.
Won't Repurchase: I quite like the product but I don't like the smell and the packaging which makes me debate how much I like the product that much to get over the packaging and the smell but I can't.

Clinique Take The Day Away Eye Make-Up Remover - 50ml - £sample - For me this is the best eye make-up remover after you have been wearing a lot. It wipes away swiftly and lets the eyelash glue remove as I hate it when you still have it clutched to your lash line days after.
Will Repurchase: I want to get the bigger verison as I only ever use it on my eyes so it will last for a while. It is a staple in my collection and is defiantely worth the £16 for 125ml bottle.

L'oreal Inflallible Creamy Powder Foundatoion - 15g - £8.99 (new verison) - I would never use this as a foundation or as my usual face make-up as I don't think it is THAT amazing. It comes in handy though as a handbag essential as you have the mirror, the sponge and the product all together which makes it compact and light enough to carry around. It helps take of shine during the day and retouch over nasty spots that have appeared. 
Won't Repurchase: As most of you know I like to switch my products and as this was just a staple handbag but as this verison is only average I think I will hunt around some more.

Lee Stafford Big Fat Hair Conditioner - 250ml - £5.99 - I only tried this product because I fell in love the Lee Stafford's collection of Hair Growth products. But I was pretty disappointed with this, it took my ages to get through as I preferred the other options that I had, in the end I think my boyfriend used it up. There isn't anything offensive about the packaging or the smell - it is just that the product doesn't seem to do its job.
Won't Repurchase: It didn't nourish or make my hair feel any better or different - I will be sticking to my hair growth collection

So that was a big empties. I hope it gave you some insight on what I liked and loathed. Are you getting through all of your products?

F*ck Monday: It's a Love/Hate Thing

Monday, 5 November 2012

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. I wasn't particularly sure what I was going to write about today. I've found that a few of my previous posts have been surrounding dieting and me being ill which is getting boring for me, let alone you. I was tempted to do the I <3 Fall Tag but I think they are better as Youtube videos (which is an area that I haven't entered yet) So I thought, I would give you my 3 hates and 3 loves of the winter time. 


Halloween: I am probably in the minority here but I am so glad that Halloween is out of the way. I don't particularly get why it has become a bigger event - but I'm probably just getting old and grumpy and no longer have the urge to dress up. Miserable me. 

Freezing Cold Mornings: Okay, I have stupid heating in my house which comes through the floors and it is a nightmare in the winter time. My dad tends to get up about 6am most mornings and pops the heating on... which is fine if you don't want to get out of bed before 7.30am other my room is like an ice box. I have a mini portable radiator in my room so I set my alarm half an hour before I get up just to flick the switch then it is warm for me to get up and go. 

Comfort Food: Oh it is cold and I'm indoors a lot and all I want to do is stock up on carbs and warming foods which taste so amazing... which isn't good for when I am trying to lose a couple of pounds before christmas. I don't want salad *Wah* Give me a roast every night and I'll be a happy girl. Nommmm 


Festive Drinks: Yay, Costa and Starbucks have their festive drinks out. My favourite from Starbucks is the Salted Caramel Mocha and from Costa is the Praline & Cream Latte. I'm yet to work my way through both of the menus. Exciting. 

Christmas: After being a little bit of a bar humbug these last few years around Christmas - this year I am feeling pretty excited. I hope I don't peak to early. I can't wait to get all the 

Staying in: Snuggling in my onesie with a takeway (on the weekends so diets don't count haha) is the best ever. Looking outside at the cold and rainy weather being all wrapped up on the inside. Things like that make me really happy this time of the year. 

What are you loves and hates about winter?