Bed Head Tigi - Ego Boost

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Bed Head Tigi – Ego Boost RRP £7.45

This has been one of my miracle products for a couple of years now; it is a leave-in conditioner which specifies in mending split ends. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with anaemia (lack of iron), this had a huge effect of my hair. My hairdresser recommended that I started using this because of my hair was like wire wool. The ends were knotty and split, it obviously didn't help that I had highlights... I did go brown for a little while but I’m pretty sure that I am a true Marilyn at heart.

I’m on the right (me brunette)...

I try and use this everyday as it can be used on wet and dry hair,although it only needs a couple of squirts because anymore than that I find my head getting sticky. This also makes it last a lot longer; normally lasts me about 3 months. It says on the bottle that’ll ‘Save your hair’ and believe me it does. I really think like the packaging... the bottle and the colours are right up my street and because it looks fab, I leave mine on my dressing table. I wished they did a hair mask outta this stuff as I reckon it would be amazing?

Can you recommended any good hair masks?

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