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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

So considering xmas is over and I am pretty skint, but still wanted some new make up bits (despite the masses that I got as xmas presents.) Though at £1 a pop, it isn’t exactly bank breaking for such good quality items from the brand MUA which is sold in the Uk at Superdrug and online. (I’m not sure if there are any other stockists though). I product 4 products they were – Lipstick in shade 8, Blusher shade in shade 4, Mascara in shade 5 & Intense Glitter Eyeliner in Malt Chocolate.

My favourite item which is the lipstick made me receive many compliments at work today, it looks as though it is a deep red but in fact it comes out a more natural shade which looks great on my complexion and it has little specs of glitter in it which is different to a lot of the lipsticks on the market as they tend to be matte or block colour finish. It also last as well as they next lipstick on the high street – I topped up a couple of times today.

My least favourite item of the collection is the mascara for the simple fact that I need mascara that lengthens and gives volume to my lashes and this one just darkens my blonde lashes. It gives them a good dark and very natural look but just isn’t for me. If you have great lashes and you just want to give them some definition this is the perfect mascara for you. Or if you want to look as though you aren’t wearing any make up.

The eyeliner is not very glittery like the name would imply however it is a nice shade. I pick up brown as I have tons of black but I think I just prefer black eyeliner on me than brown. The thing that impressed me the most on this was that fact that the lid is a built in sharpener as I am either forever hunting for a sharpener or scratching myself with a blunt pencil. I think I am going to get the black one next time I am in. 

 The next top buy is the blusher; I have been searching high and low for a colour that I adore. I have always been a bronzer girl, but I love the blusher look especially in the winter when your skin is paler than usual. This is well worth the money; the colour is rich and dense. It goes onto the skin smoothly (I put it on with my Lancome contour brush) It stays all day too and you don’t need to put much on the brush to get the full effect from it. Bonus! 

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