New Year, New Start

Sunday, 1 January 2012

I have a love hate relationship with the whole New Years thing. I'm all for new starts and fresh beginnings, though i hate how you have to be forced into thinking over your life and evaluating it so closely. With this i find around new years i focus on what i haven't achieved rather than what i have achieved and what i have gained in a life. So this year i have tried to make very specific new years resolutions... I wanna see what you all think.

A very wise man in my life, my dad gave me an acronym which i can adapt to my new resolutions to help me from always failing at them. GROW.

Will Power

So here goes my news years resolutions:
1. Complete my Degree in Journalism & Creative Writing (including the dissertation I have started - eeek)

2. Lose Weight (I know it is a standard but i have set myself goals) My best friend, Meg, and I have a bet that I have until Valentines Day to fit into my favourite Zara jeans which I haven't been able to fit into since my first year of uni...! but ultimately i would like to lose about 2 stone by May and that would bring me down to about a nice size 12.

3. I need to save money massively... Well rather than have savings, i just don't want to waste money on like getting food before or after work, i mean i could wait until i get home.

4. In tail with the above i need to keep all my receipts to see where my money is actually going that and if any of my clothes become faulty and can actually take them back rather than moan how they don't last. lol.

5. I have this massive Senor Frog bottle from when i went to mexico last year (wow that sounds odd) but yeah I want to fill the whole bottle up with change... I will give you a monthly update on how that goes.

So hopefully this is going to be my face for the whole of 2012... BIG SMILES

In the words of my BFF Meg, "Start as you mean to go on"

What are your new years reso?

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