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Saturday, 14 January 2012

New Seven Seas Health Oils Vitamins were on 3 for 2 in Boots, they were around £6 for the tubs of 30 or £11 for the tubs of 90. But as I like to test products before I buy them I always opt for the smaller option. I do like the idea of vitamins and the way that they claim to emphasises your natural self. I know a few people are vitamin cynics but I am all for them. The three that are picked were Perfect Harmony – for balancing your hormones, Energetic You – for giving you more energy and Radiant You – for maintaining stronger nails, hair and flawless skin.

Top: Hormone
Mid: Energy
Bottom: Beauty

All the tablets are one-a-day. The energy and beauty vitamin are quite big and about 15mm in length where as the hormone one is about 20mm in length but a long thinner. They do smell which is the downside to them but they are made from fish oil so I didn’t suspect much more. On each of the tubs it has a tip on how you can improve your hormone balance/energy levels/ physical looks. (See Below) I do think they work but I’m sure whether that is just me thinking that I am psychologically thinking that because I am taking these thus making me feel better. Either way it is making me feel good so I think a win win. 

©    Perfect HarmonyFish oil expertly blended with evening primrose oil & starflower oil.  It may help support your hormonal balance throughout the month. Then the tip is “Being in perfect harmony involves being kind to yourself and giving yourself a break. Get some fresh air, indulge in some me time and catch up with friends for a good laugh.”

©    Energetic YouFish oil expertly blended with B vitamins & CoQ10. It helps support your daily health and vitality helping you live life to the full. Then the tip is “There are other things you can do to keep yourself on top form. Be more active by taking regular exercise. Avoid the temptation of quick-fixes and instead opt for a diet which includes plenty of complex carbohydrates such as wholegrain bread or pasta, to help you feel energised throughout the day no matter how busy you are.”

©   Radiant You Fish Oil expertly blended with biotin, zinc & l-cysteine. It helps maintain healthy hair, skin and nails so you can glow from the inside out. Then the tip is “Looking good on the outside means taking care of yourself on the inside. So make sure you eat a healthy balanced diet and drink lots of water to help maintain a radiant complexion. Making sure you get enough rest is important too – it’s called beauty sleep for a reason.”

What vitamins are you taking if you are taking any at all? 

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