Shopping Haul #1

Thursday, 26 January 2012

1. Swan Jumper - Miss Selfridge £37
2. Cami & Knicker set - Accessorize £10 (sale)
3. A Beanie Hat (for the boyf) - Primark £1
4. Velvet Clutch Bag - Primark £8

A mini shopping trip. I've had a few this week so keep an eye out for all my little haul post - i'll try not to bore you with them. I don't really have much to comment on today. I've had a tiring day as I've spent most of they day doing my dissertation. Counting down 3 months then it'll all be over. :) Wooop. 

I've got a challenge that I have set for myself which is to go the whole of February without buying any clothes or accessories... Eek that is a full 29days... seems long.

Let see how I go :)


  1. The last purse reminds me a lot of the Celine bags. :) Cute!

    Patricia Ann

  2. I'm on the same challenge thanks to my car needing new breaks!!
    I am also rather jel of your hair colour, I long to be back blonde again!