Accessorize Lipstick #Shade1

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Okay after my rant on Sunday about the my disappointing Accessorize nail varnish, I wanted to write this post about my NEW Accessorize Lipstick. Today I went shopping with my mum and I picked up this lipstick in the sale for £2.50 - half price. It is probably the reverse of the nail varnish and is in fact my new favourite lipstick. 

First of the packaging is pretty cute, I quite like the lid even though it could possibly be on the borderline of being tacky. But the lid fits firmly on, I have a pet hate for loose lids. It also has a nice vanilla smell to it, glides on great and only needs one application. The picture in the middle shows it close up and with a flash, it is quite a glossy finish even though the it might not look so in the portrait picture. (Excuse my dodgy teeth - am trying to get them sorted.)

The colour is shade 1 called Really Red although I don't think that is is particularly the reddest lipstick I own, and that is probably the reason I like it as much as I do. It is an everyday wearable red colour, and I am a bit of a Marilyn - the blonde hair and red lipstick... big fave for it.  

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