17 Hide & Chic Eye Brightening Concealer

Friday, 20 January 2012

For all my lovely UK followers you will all be familiar with Boots - my favourite toiletries stores. They are all over the UK and most people shop there. If you shop here regularly you should have a Boots Advantage Card, it is amazing. My friend Meg (as you probably will know as well as me soon) reminded me, while back, that the extra advantage kiosks which are scattered around the stores. To me they are the pink little bubbles which are places where you can put your advantage card in to see what your own personal offers are. And when I went to mine the other day one of the offers was that I could get this number 17 Hide & Chic Eye Brightening Concealer for free when I brought any 17 product. As it was new out and I was eager to try it (that and I had finished my YSL Touche Eclat and didn't have the money at the time to replace. lol) 

So how does this replacement match up? Well it retails at £4.99 which is a bargain as it works pretty well. Obviously it isn't in the same league as YSL but that is because it isn't high end and it is also a quarter of the price. With that in mind I think it is a good budget substitute, I have the shade Medium Rose. It takes a while to get the concealer first out but has a twist bottom which allows you to slowly add the concealer to the brush. I have a self conscious issue about how the bags under my eyes are getting worst so I really appreciates it when i can find a product which conceals this. I even put it on little blemishes and it covers that too. 

I love this. And will be purchasing again if I don't have the money to treat myself to a YSL one.

Has anyone else tried different brand substitutes to the Touche Eclat?


  1. I got this with the voucher from the advantage card machine too and I thought it was OK too, but like you say not in the same league as touche eclat. x

    1. Yeah, i brought the body shop one, about 6 months ago when i was skint. And that was horrific so when i tried this out i thought it was defo value for money :).