Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Last week I went to see the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo... which was such an epic film however slightly disturbing and probably wouldn’t watch it again for that reason. Blah that is all waffle the main thing about that day was that I pop into Claries’ Accessories, however not a place that I go frequently I might add... but still was mooching around with Meg. And I found this head band... now the thing I loved about it was that it wasn’t massive and bushy like the ones I have been seeing, because I don’t think I am quirky enough to pull that off (even though I wish I was). Anyhow, this band is great it fits perfectly, has a satin feel internal bit and a stretchy bit on the back. To top that all off it was only £4!! Bargain.
Though if anyone knows where I can get a similar one in white that would be great. Thanks...!

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