17 Photo Flawless Eye Pencil

Sunday, 22 January 2012

I purchased this 17 Photo Flawless eye pencil in Green/Black for £2.99 in Boots and got my 17 Hide & Chic eye brightening concealer free. (see post). Now I was really happy with my concealer however I was disappointed with the eye pencil, as you can see from the bottom picture when I drew a sample of the pencil on my hand, I immediately was 'wowed' by the colour. I knew this would be great with my green eyes and because it was a mix of green/black which basically, for me it separated itself from the other plain green eyeliners that I already have.

On application it glided straight over my lash line, I doubled up to make the line thicker to great a more of a cat eye effect. When I pencil in a lower lash line it came out more black rather than green. Afterwards I put mascara on and by this time, the line had smudge and it had blended together and made me look like I had a black eye. 

All in all, I was really annoyed with this product as after I tested it in the shop, the colour hyped me up for an amazing application. As I loved the colour so much, I will be trying to use it again but this time maybe adding a base eye shadow first to see if that stops it blending. 

Has anyone else tried this? Or have any tips on how I can stop it smudging?

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