F*ck Monday #4

Monday, 30 January 2012

Today was meant to be the happiest Monday of the year.... due to payday blah. It wasn't amazing for myself, as I woke up this morning poor and hungover.

*** Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to Sea Life in London, which was such a lovely day. I really enjoyed everything about it. We went to Cafe Rouge near Charing Cross and that was when it all began. Just with one delicious bottle of wine... then next we were in a cocktail bar, then a pub and then running for the train to get back home to meet some friends for some more friends. Great night for me, but just not for my bank balance or my body.

*** This week I have been having the "I need to start to becoming an adult" thought. Like stop (excuse my expression) "spunking" my money, sorting out a career for when I hopefully (fingers crossed) graduate. I need to work out if I can actually afford to live whilst interning for at least 3 months for free. Interning seems to be the only way I'll get my foot in the door.

*** I "lost" my ipod this week for a couple of days. (It was under a seat in my car) but I was so devastated about it. I LOVE my ipod it is probably my joint favourite possession with my phone. I have the 160gb classic ipod and it is filled with so many different and great songs. I spend a lot of my spare time, dancing around my room thinking I am Beyonce mixed with Kelly Clarkson. And wanting to die everyday some catches you singing or dancing like a goon. I make myself laugh. :-)

*** On a mission to spend the next 4 weeks not buying any new clothes... Eeeek!!! It will be harder than dieting. Haha


  1. im gonna try not to buy anything new either.
    restraint !

    1. I've spent all the money I have so I can no longer afford to buy anything in Feb... I don't think that was the point. lol

  2. I love your blog! deffo following you now:)

    i would be soo happy if you could check mine out, & Follow

    lots of love x

    1. I really like your blog too. Will be keeping up to date with reading yours :)

  3. Hey! I Graduated this year and im interning, there are so many now that pay ok and you can do for a while (mine is a year) its deffo the way forward for graduates at the moment or you get stuck in industries you dont wanna be in like...also im still trying to figure out how to be an adult :)