Accessorize Nail Polish Apricot Crush

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Where do I start with this product? I think I brought this Accessorize nail varnish. I had received one as a gift from a friend when they first did their make-up collection and thought it was nice. Since then I had heard of lots of hype around the Accessorize collection. However with this purchase I can safely safe this wasn’t worth the money nor will I be tempted to buy a nail varnish from their collection again. I know a few people will say it was only £4 so what did I really expect? But I can think of a lot of different high street brands which are around the same price but of which are quite frankly much better.

To be honest what drew me to buy this in the first place was the colour, I like the kind of pastel orange colour – I thought it is very spring and would be great for brightening up my January. My boyfriend thought the colour was horrific... but I didn’t care I loved it until; I brushed the first stroke onto my nail.

Unfortunately as the tacty brush stuck to my nail and left a nail which had thick dense colour patches with thin streaks. I thought maybe after a top coat it would look okay because I still liked the colour. And I was right after the top coat they looked nice. Though they didn’t 3hours later – and I had only been sitting at my desk doing uni work. But somehow they managed to get chipped and scuffed. Less than 24 hours after application my nails looks awful, they are nearly all peeled off and heavily chipped (like nail varnish you have taken off after a couple of weeks.)

Well this has been a pretty moaning blog? But I am now £4 down and have skanky nails. Has anyone else had this problem? Or maybe it was just this colour (apricot crush)? 

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