Mark Hill Hairdryer & Wave Wand

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Okay this week I have been a very lucky girl and my parents treated me to a new hairdryer because my current one sadly passed away. As it was half price they said they would also pay for the curling wand that I wanted as well. So i got both of them for only £55 (Mark Hill Hair Dryer £24.99 & Mark Hill Rock Chick Wave Wand £29.99) Bargain! I love Mark Hill hair products so i presumed that I would love his electronics range. 

My hair dryer recently died, after my grandparents brought it for me for my sixteenth birthday - It became my favourite and I was disappointed to see it go. Not realising the age of the poor old dryer and never notice it's lack in power until i tried out my new Mark Hill one. I have pretty thick hair and it normally takes about 20minutes to blow dry my hair but with the Mark Hill one it only took 5minutes. I was amazed and that wasn't even on full heat, just full power. Having this product has definitely made me think that drying my hair isn't actually a chore. 

The curling wand attracted me as it was quite thick and all previous one that I had seen were thin and I didn't want that spiral effect on my curls. I never really get on with curling wands as I normally buy them, use them once and then never use them again. I tend to use my straighteners for adding curls to my hair. When I rough dry my hair or let it dry naturally I have a slight wave in my hair, but this product helps it create definitive curls that look natural. The Mark Hill Rock Chick Wave Wand is a mouthful to say but is worth the money, it doesn't take long to heat up and you can adjust the heat from 120degrees up to 200degrees.  As there is not clamp grip to hold your hair, they supply you with this odd finger mitten - to protect yourself for burning your fingers. I used this first time but found it incredibly hard to work with, just because that was on my fingers. Odd. Despite that, I LOVE this. 

Thanks Parents :) 


  1. I don't seem to be very good with hair wands :S I'll just stick to GHDs for waves and curls :)

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    1. Me neither. I always got rid of my old bits and bobs but this one is pretty simple. Though the left side of my hair works out better than the other. lol