F*ck Monday #3

Monday, 23 January 2012

Blah okay so today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year; the weather is grim, payday looms 5 whole days away and my diet has flopped and currently laying in the gutter with all the drizzly rain. So I think my rant today feels amazingly appropriate.

*** I’m done already with this horrible grim and gloomy weather; please summers please come soon. I’m craving some vitamin D and it doesn’t help that Meg and I have been looking at holidays – something I NEED! However, this poses even more shittiness for me.

*** Ho ho ho, yep my Christmas calories are still glued to my belly, hips, legs, arms, face, tits even my feet (might be a slight exaggeration). But you get what I mean, all my waffle and talk about getting fitter for the new year etc etc etc has gone already and we are only 3 weeks in. Boo.

*** And because I have been feeling pretty shitty I have therefore gone and blown a lot of my money well in fact nearly all of it. Don’t get me wrong I got some lovely bits but probably bits that I really don’t need. That and on my massive shopping spree at Bluewater, I was waddling around with all my bags in my glory and then bang. I fell arse over tit flat on the floor. This was amusing for a lot of people rather than myself. 

*** I feel like today I could rant on about everything but I feel this would be very unfair on some people even though they maybe deserving of it. Haha. I need to get my butt in gear and bash out my dissertation and other uni work. Then I can be all like ‘Hello Summer’, ‘Hello Sexy Body’, ‘Hello Bank Balance finally in the black’ and ‘Hello Graduate’.

We’ll see.

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