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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

* Dream Steam - Steamer Tab - £2.50

* Magic Mushroom - Bubble Bar - £2.45

* Karma - Bubble Bar - £3.10

* Leap Frog - Bath Ballistic - £2.75

* Yuzu & Coco - Bubbleroon - £2.95

* Sex Bomb - Bath Bomb - £3.10

Happy Blooming - Bath Melt - £3.85

* Rock Star - Soap - £3.25

* Creamy Candy - Bubble Bar - £2.45

* Sugar Babe - Body Scrub - £2.60

* Fair Trade Foot Lotion (from a gift set) - RRP: £8.95 (225g)

* Helping Hands (from a gift set) - RRP: £6.75 (100g)

 Think Pink - Bath Bomb - £2.45 ( I dropped this before takin the photo... :( It still made a great bath) 

Yes, this is my february Lush haul... I have grown to really really love Lush. Can you tell? I didn't buy this in one big haul but in staggering shopping spree - as this way it gives me more chance to go in Lush lots of times. There are also a couple of little bits that are from a gift set that I received for christmas. This haul doesn't include the post that I did on Lush's Cupcake Mask and Lush's Jasmin & Henna Fluff Eaze Hair Moisturiser they were also purchased this month. 

What I love about Lush:

1. The products are natural which means they are kind to your skin - my theory is that if you want great looking skin you need to use nice products. 

2. The products look innovative and they smell great too.

3. While the prices are on the expensive side when you compare the fact that some of the bombs or bars you'd use a whole one per bath - I think verses the quality of them they are great. 

4. I can take them out of the packaging and put them in my cupboard or on the side and they aid as an air freshener. 

I am going to put a quick review about the products that I have already used. But the ones that are still sitting in my cupboard are: Dream Steam, Karma, Happy Blooming, Creamy Candy and Sugar Babe along with Sex Bomb and Rock Star - but these are just stock of products I have used before :P

Magic Mushroom - it smelt like strawberries and cream, it wasn't as over powering as some of the products that you can find in Lush. I was personally attracted to the look of the mushroom as I was cute. It crumbled in the bath nicely and there were no lumps (I hate when bombs/bars leave lumpy bits) the water was postbox red accompanied by frothy white bubbles. I used the whole mushroom for one bath as I don't think there would had been enough for two - that and the smell had weakened significantly once created into a bath. 

Leap Frog - it turned my bath bright green which was a bit odd getting into, there was a little note inside the bomb which I thought was sweet. "This is a kissed from the prince" (something along those lines). The smell reminded me of washing powder - it felt fresh although not my favourite smell - I brought it more for the way it looked. 

Yuzu & Coco - My favourite scent I think - coconut oil and shea butter, leaves you skin feeling kissable and nom. The macaroon shape means it is easy to split it between two baths, I didn't find that it bubbled as much as other bubble bars I have used. It felt like a treat on the skin though. Love Love.

Sex Bomb - A staple love of mine though I do get annoyed with trying to put it in half so I don't use a whole bomb per bath as this one is massive and I think it could be more value for money to split it. If you have any tips that would be great?! Again this one is girly looking, girly smelling and very very pink!

Rock Star - This soap bar last for ages, like months, though this could be because I only use it maybe once or twice a week as I normally have showers but try to make one day a week for a bath - two if I'm feeling I need it. This soap is sweet smelling but you can detect vanilla in it, it is gentle on the skin. I'm on my second lot now, but I want to break away from it as there are plenty more than I MUST try!

Foot Lotion - I work part time in retail whilst doing my degree, so after a long shift my feet are normally quite achy. This lotion is refreshing and lovely with peppermint and spearmint smells. I love it as much as the Body Shop one they are both fab in my eyes. 

Helping Hands - I wished that in the shops when you buy this that it comes in the same pump as it does in the gift sets. I carry this one in my handbag and it is probably the best hand lotion I have used (second to that would be Helping Hands by Soap & Glory). It contains honey, almond oil and coco and shea butter, these are the smells that I can detect, but also aid to why it is so smoothing. 

Think Pink - The smell I find similar to Sex Bomb but it is a lot small in the size so I put the whole one and it turned my bath pink and had little confetti hearts which scattered about. Obviously because I dropped it, it was pre crushed so had no floaty lumps. The only thing was that similar to Sex Bomb it left a pinky stain in the bath but it was easily removed with a  squirt of Flash Bathroom Cleaner.

What's your favourite Lush product??

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