Nails Inc Basil Street

Thursday, 1 March 2012

I have had this nail varnish for ages since Glamour Magazine  had it as a giveaway. I love the nude colour and I am always reverting back to it. A few months back my friend Meg brought this from Nails Inc at £11 in the same colour Basil Street. 

Because the colour is nude/light I have applied two coats as well as a top coat, but normally when wearing Nails Inc I only have to put on one. I find that Nails Inc varnish is long lasting and it doesn't chip easily. So win win for me when it comes to nails as my varnishes always seem to chip so it must be extra extra strong. 

The only problem is at the moment is that my nails are stained around the edges from the use of my No.7 Devils Double colour. I have tried lots of tips and tricks but can't seem to shift the red. So if you have any then leave me a comment please!! I know they would look a lot better without the reddy/pink rim.

Have you tried Nails Inc?? 


  1. This is a really pretty nude colour :)
    I always buy glamour when there is a nail inc inside :)
    Laura xoxo

  2. I'm wearing this colour right now on my nails :) deffo the colour for spring! xx

  3. I got this from glanour also and its my favourite nude ever! So lovely for spring too. Great post:)