MUA Hide & Conceal Cover Up Stick Medium

Friday, 10 February 2012

Every time I go into Superdrug the MUA concealer is ALWAYS sold out in Medium and I have been wanting it for ages. Now I don't have crazy bad skin but I do get the odd blemish so I am a sucker for a concealer. This MUA one retails at £1 and probably is the BEST I have ever used. As you know I am a sucker for MUA products and it is the price that seems to draw me in but this product is amazing that I have taken you before and after shots of my chin so you can see the results. 

I seem to have just festered up a cluster of spots on my chin, and the rest of my face is in pretty good condition for some reason. So I thought considering this is probably an area of my skin at it's worst will it cover them up and also will it last. Wednesday I tried it out, as I was working a 9hour shift and no time to top up my make-up. After four hours, they were slightly more visible then they were when i put on my make up but not as bad and then I topped up on my lunch break and they were fine until the end of my night. 

Here's the results:


What do you think ladies?? I think it is worth £1 right? 


  1. ooh, might try this out.. looks really good, especially for £1! :) xx

  2. Wow, this looks amazing, and you're really brave to post before photos!

  3. Seriously worked wonders :O
    & only a pound wow, that's amazing <3

  4. wow that's really good for a pound! x

  5. I love MUA and I'm now tempted by this!
    Ashlie x

  6. Oh wow, Im grabbing this the next time i go to the store! Thanks for sharing this :D xx