F*ck Monday #7

Monday, 20 February 2012

This week has been a little sad for me:

*** On Saturday morning, my Grandad passed away in hospital. It was quite sudden in the fact that he hadn't been that ill... it was only in the last 10days had he deteriorated. Still unsure what was wrong with him, seeing my Dad that upset broke my heart. The nice thing in away was that my Dad, Auntie and my Grandad's wife were all at his bedside talking to him as, he slipped away out of this world. My Dad told me that it was a peaceful process and he lived a good life and considering he smoked and drank a lot, he'd only ever been in hospital in the pass two years of his life. :)

*** My uni work has been getting on top of me - I'm currently stressing at massively... Ahhh.

This is just a quick one, because i'm still quite upset so my mind is not on my blog at the moment - Sorry guys :)