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Friday, 3 February 2012

Whilst browsing the internet in search of some new accessories (I know I shouldn't be buying, but technically they were purchased in January) but I came across this site called Two Five Five. I've never seen them or heard about them. The above are a few of my favourite picks. I'm lusting massively over the Penguin Earrings, which are sadly out of stock at the moment and I will have to wait for them to come back :-( as they will be perfect for Spring! This products are excellent value and to my knowledge I haven't seen any of these products or any similar ones like these on the high street. I've added in the delivery costing because normally I end up with an online basket of items and then find out that the cost of through the roof, unlike Two Five Five!

Check them out girls!!! :-)

If anyone else knows any little cute websites like this, keep me in the loop! 

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