F*ck Monday #5

Monday, 6 February 2012

I couldn't resist this picture today, I think it is appropriate due to yesterday weather conditions which brings me largely onto my Monday rant. 

*** Yes, the snow looks pretty and it is great. But, it is February so hmm the whole winter/christmassy vibe has kinda gone especially with all the new lovely spring fashion which is in the stores. Bye winter and snow, hello summer! I don't get why people like snow... it's wet, cold and slippery. It's a hazard for everyone. 

*** Public transport, even before the snow had arrived South Western trains had delays due to frozen signal points. Really? No snow and they still don't work right. The last thing I would rather do is stand in the freezing cold waiting for a delayed train. Boo. 

*** I spent even more money today - I call it Monday blues... that and I had a couple of hours to kill. I had a big spend up in Lush, Boots and New Look. I told my Mum I brought 'essentials' - I mean I have to bath and wear make-up right? 

*** Hospital - if they are busy, you have to wait ages and if they are quieter they take ages. I had an appointment for 8pm... 8.30pm I was still waiting. I don't like to bash the NHS because they do a lovely job but there was no one else in the waiting room but my Mum and I. I am pretty British when it comes to waiting... I HATE IT! Rargh!! 

*Deep Breath* Ahhh after that rant I feel slightly better. Now time to catch up on Eastenders!


  1. It's Soo True!

    the snow needs to go so i can get out my winter gear lol


  2. I get excited by snow for like 5 seconds...and thats only if I have nothing to do. If I have work or an event its just annoying!