Benefit They're Real Mascara

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Benefit They're Real Mascara retails at £18.50 in most stores in the UK. It i also my favourite mascara alongside L'oreal Volume Million Lashes - but Benefit is more towards the high end make-up brands. This mascara is great however, you do have to work the brush a lot, using the bristle designed mascara end to lift your lashes in both corners. I spend about 5 minutes coating my lashes with this mascara and once I have finished they do look great. 

I know that in the blogger world this mascara will seem old but I think it will become one of those old classics. I tend to chop and change between my mascaras and this one I go periods of time without using it and then when I use it again I realise why I feel in love with it.

What are your opinions on this mascara??


  1. I love this mascara, it looks great!

  2. This mascara looks great on you.
    Hope you're ok (just read yesterdays post)
    *Kind thoughts*

    Laura xoxo

  3. I havent tried this mascara, i used to use bad gal by benefit all the time. this one looks amazing on your lashes, i think i might give it a try next time i need a new mascara!