No.7 Devils Delight Stay Perfect

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I'm not extravagant with my nails and I tend to stick to either no nail varnish or a block colour. When I was younger (about 18) I used to get acrylic nails put not all the time and I LOVED them but as I got older (yes I know I am only 22) I kinda stopped focusing on things like my nails and became a lot more money conscious. So in an attempt to keep my nails looking fab, I'm going to try and blog a lot more about nail varnish. 

Myself being a cringe ball that I am, I decided to dig deep into my HUGE nail varnish collection and found a lovely valentines red... to get me in the mood (or something like that) The colour I chose was Devils Delight by No.7 at Boots which is a part of their Stay Perfect range. I think they are around £7... but the prices seem to vary. This colour needs two coats, in order for a dense saturation. And 2 days later I have found that a couple of my nails have started to chip, which is annoying because I love the colour. I even put a top coat on :-S, so I don't really have any other tricks on how to stop in chipping. 

Have you tried No.7 nail polish or have any tricks on how to stop them chipping then please let me know :)


  1. I love this colour :)
    No.7 polishes are so bad at chipping :( not worth £7, I only buy them when I have a £5 voucher.

    Laura xoxo

    1. Yeah I used to use the vouchers with them but now i get lashes at least they are worth it eh! lol


  2. love the color! Im awarding you cute blog award =)

  3. Love the colour of this nail polish,so pretty!