Bourjois Volume Fast & Perfect Mascara

Saturday, 11 February 2012

I my eye picture looks a bit distorted/odd but I'm not good at showing these shots and I wanted to show you all how this mascara looks on. It is the Bourjois Volume Fast & Perfect Mascara £11.99 from Boots. I brought it on a 3 for 2 offer, the first thing that I was attracted too was the fact that it has a motor in the top end of the mascara tube. The motor rotates the the mascara wand clockwise then you can also switch it to anti-clockwise. I am easily amused by these little contraptions.

Okay down to the technicals... I quite like this mascara although I do find that it is easy to apply too much on to your lashes and then it results in the lashes clumping. The motor allows the wand to cover mascara all of your lashes from top to bottom. It also curls them because of the spinning motion of the wand you don't need an eyelash curler. Overall, this mascara has positive and negative aspects. Negatives being that it had a tendency to clump, you have to focus when applying and it is easy to get mascara around your eyes. Positives are that it curls your lashes, it covers them 100% and it looks great for an evening look. 

Has anyone else tried this... would love to hear you opinions? 

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