No7 False Eyelashes 10 Natural Volume

Thursday, 9 February 2012

A couple of years ago I wore false eyelashes everyday but i would only where "natural" looking ones but then went through a stage of not doing it probably because I became to lazy. I tend to stick to eyelashes that I know mainly because I hate trying news ones and I don't like them or they are too thick that they come off during the night. Plus they aren't exactly the cheapest things to sort of waste. I hate it if I have been an emotional wreck or sleep in my eye lashes and they then get ruined :( 

Anyone these ones I tried on a whim last year when No7 did a £5 off offer. The lashes retail at £7.50 so with the voucher they are only £2.50 which are a bargain. Now because I like them I haven't tried any others in the range but I will next time they have a £5 off voucher. The only downside is the glue - I don't like the glue and tend to stick my Mac one or the Eylure one. 

I am a creature of habit so these will be staying on my to buy shopping list for the next vouchers as I only have about 3 pairs left from my last haul!

What does everyone else spend there No7 vouchers on?? 

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