F*ck Monday #8

Monday, 27 February 2012

This picture seems to sum up my week. 

*** I have attended 3 gym classes this week (1x Body Attack & 2x Body Conditioning). I'm probably the biggest of everyone in my class... and that is quite disheartening but as a lot of people are telling me that they are so slim because they go all the time. Fingers crossed that'll be me soon :D

*** I think this week I've just been a grizzle bag... I hate driving! Seriously makes me wonder how some people have passed their test. I got so angry with this male driver who thought it would be great to drive up my arse whilst crawling in traffic and then over took a big chunk of the traffic. Doughnut could had killed himself. pfft.!

*** On saturday night I went to my boyfriend's friend's 50th birthday party. It was great, had such a great night. Though we had one of those drunken conversations which aired out a lot of things which is a relief on our relationship. I love putting the world to rights when drunk. lol. 

*** I haven't blogged for like 3 days either which is bad as I wanted to blog everyday of the year. Just need to crack the whip on that one :D

How is your Monday??

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