F*ck Monday #10

Monday, 12 March 2012

*** There is one main thing which is effect my life at the moment and that is UNIVERSITY - the end of the year is coming up and the deadlines and drawing closer and closer. I am possibly a little stressed and being a stress head. RARGH. I know there is not that long left but I have SO much work to do and a lack of energy which doesn't pose for a great mix. For the next 7-8 weeks my new plan is to work my arse of Monday - Friday then when Saturday comes I can party on, as I few I do not feel I do anything at the moment other than sit in front of my computer. Booooo. 

*** To get out of my miserable mood... the lady above Jessie J's music has really allowed me to get dancing and pumping some endorphins into my body. "I'm feeling sexy and free...." I'm a goof... I love plugging into my iPod and jamming around to music is my bedroom. I must admit in my penguin onesie if anyone saw me they'd wanna lock me up. lol

*** I have recently been getting bogged down with work, uni, money and my weight and I think I just need to tackle one problem at a time. Ideally I want to have lost a stone by April 23rd which I'm hoping is achievable but it means I need to stop putting rubbish in my mouth and concentrate on my uni work and once that is over I can rock out with a diet. 

How is everyone else coping with life stresses?? 

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