Charles Worthington Mineral Hair Rescue

Sunday, 4 March 2012

I love Sunday's. They are my favourite day of the week, it is nothing like having a busy week then it comes to Sunday and I just chill. My usual typical sunday includes of a lie in usually only until 9.30ish then have breakie, bit of mooching about, some catch up tele and a long bath and pamper session. Happy Lacey :)

After the week I have had my pamper session couldn't had come at a better time. I know recently I have done a lot of blogs regarding hair products but I am still on the hunt for a miracle cure which won't break the bank. I want to try Moroccan Oil but I'm trying to use/use up the bits that I have already bought at home. This Charles Worthington Mineral Hair Rescue at £5.69 for 250ml - isn't anything to rave about in fact it doesn't really have any impact on my hair. It doesn't make my hair any worst than it already is but similar for a mask that is meant to rejuvenate your hair. On a positive it does smell great, and for the time being  it makes for an alright conditioner. 

The top picture is just me being a wally, after I bath I sometimes do crazy things like this for my hair to dry without using too much heat on it. That and it annoys my boyfriend so I like to wind him up. :-P Though a slight benefit is that it makes my hair have lovely waves add a little root boost and bam great hair! lol 

Do you have any sunday rituals? 

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