Lynx Attract For Her

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

It felt highly smug of me that when I first saw the advert for the Lynx Attract for Her, I rushed to the shops and purchased it. Lucky for me it was on special in Superdrug for £2.49 which was fab. When I got home and showed my boyfriend my new purchase, he wasn't impressed. At first he thought I had deviated from him favourite Lynx Africa, and brought he a new fragrance. He was even more unimpressed when he released that it was Lynx for women. 

So with that I have repurchased this a couple of times since mainly because it amuses me that my boyfriend doesn't like it and secondly I love the smell. I generally love Lynx packaging even before this version came out and to top it I love the smell. It really lasts on your body too which is a bonus because I am forever changing my handbag and sometimes forget to be armed with a mini deodorant. So when I find one, that I can smell that is still there after hours of wearing, is what I want to get out of my deodorant. 

Has anyone else's boyfriends been unimpressed with their Lynx purchases??


  1. I love the smell of this,
    so fruity and summery!

  2. I need to try this seen many people say it smells nice!
    And find it funny your bf was not impressed :) maybe you can have a peep when you get a sec

  3. Haha, hilarious. I don't think my boyfriend would be impressed either though. x

  4. Hi lovely! I nominated you for 2 awards, make sure you visit my blog, and check what it is about :)

  5. Have to say I haven't tried this, mainly because i thought the packaging was kinda ugly but I might now.x