Lush Easter Range (& a couple of extras)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Yes, I have had ANOTHER mini Lush haul, seriously I can't go shopping without stopping in Lush. I just browse and then somehow I end up in at the till then out of the store with a bag a goodies... Eeek.

Fluffy Egg - Bath Ballistic - £2.95 - - - The Fluffy Egg is really ideal for an easter gift and they look cute. But the smell is really really sweet as though the egg was made out of candy.

The Carrot - Bubble Bar - £4.95 - - - Okay, I had to be honest first, this is OVER priced for what it is but I can't get over how much I like this. It doesn't smell anything like carrot, and I can't detect what the smell is. But doesn't it look great?!

Dorothy - Bubble Bar - £2.99 - - - Without sounding odd; this one looks fantastic but kinda smells like toilet cleaner in a weird sort of way. It isn't just me who thinks this but my boyfriend and Mum also agree.  I've already used it as I am a 'save the best til last' kinda gal and can't get over the smell. :-S

Pop in the Bath - Bubble Bar - £2.90 - - - I'm beginning to think that these could be great air fresheners


  1. These look so cute, I've never been to lush before but I'm gonna have a look on the website to find my nearest lush shop after seeing these! I have only just found your blog and am now a follower. :-) xx

    1. Awr thank you hun! That is such a lovely comment. :D defo check out LUSH it is amazing :-) x