Umberto Giannini Morning After Dry Shampoo

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I brought this on a 3 for 2 at Boots and I have mentioned the range on twitter if you follow me (@misslaceyloves) and I love it. To be honest I never realised that they had a new range out when this collection first came to stores. It was simply the packaging that attracted me and since then I have been hooked - I guess it shows how important packaging is for sales.

Umberto Giannini Dry Shampoo is around £5 and sold in Boots in the UK. It has a firm press on the bottle to release the dry shampoo. Though the product comes out quite dense so you have to makes sure that you keep it away from your roots otherwise it blasts them white... which isn't that bad for me as I have blonde hair but on any dark it would be a disaster. I try and keep it at arms length and do interval spurts with  fluff my hair between that. With dry shampoo make sure you don't just spray the visible roots - i.e. your parting, as I find that throughout the day you hair can start to get ' greasy looking'. Though it does smell great and makes your hair feel fresh which is obviously what you ideally want. 

Is anyone else addicted to this range or is it just me??

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