Lee Stafford Big Fat Healthy Hair

Sunday, 13 May 2012

For anyone who reads my blogs a lot will know that I have a tendency to rant about my hair. It's natural hair colour is dark blonde and as you can tell by the photo's I obviously lighten my hair. I used to always get my hair coloured at a hairdressers but then it became too expensive and I switched to home colouring which has made my dry and damaged hair worst. ={ From this and a combination that my body when through a stage of lacking the vitamins in which it needed. So I went on a little bit of a hair haul where I brought so many different products. Once I had brought it all, I realised that using it all on my hair at once, it might not be so great. 

So now I am working my way through my collection, and this is my latest shampoo and conditioner. I love Lee Stafford's products ever since I brought the Hair Growth collection (See Post). With this Big Fat Healthy Hair shampoo and conditioner were £7.99 each, which for who they make my hair feel, and that isn't great, I thought that it did nothing for me. In fact that if it wasn't for the fact that I can't afford to waste the money I spend, I wouldn't be using it again. But for the moment I use it maybe twice a week just to try and use it up really. It obviously cleans my hair but doesn't make it feel amazing like other shampoo's and conditioners I have used. I think I need to get out of the habit of using the same branded shampoo and conditioner. Sadly, this won't be a repurchasing this but I will be getting more of the Hair Growth ones =] 

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