F*ck Monday #12

Monday, 14 May 2012

If you follow me on Twitter (@MissLaceyLoves) or on Instagram (MissLaceyLoves) then you'll know that last week I finished university forever!! So hopefully by July (that's when my graduation is) I will have a degree in Journalism and Creative Writing. Yipee!! 

This has meant that over the past fews days, I have been reflecting on my life and the way in which it's going. Today was meant to be the start of my Summer Body Regime but instead I had a lovely shopping date with Miss Alexjandra Pearson... we spent nearly 7 hours in Westfield at Stratford and we didn't touch like half the shops. My feet were knackered my arms were aching. I didn't have much money to splash, but I have gone a little credit card happy, so I will be uploading a post of all my new little buys. I was a little bit too cheeky... and even though I was meant to be buying my some presents for my boyfriend's birthday, I kinda spent more on me than him... Oops =].

Though on the positive, whilst it sounds like I'm spending lots of money, I have been successfully finishing up a lot of products, so I will be also uploading an empties post which I'm excited about as I loooove reading other peoples (so if you have done one/a youtube video please link me!). 

But yeah that is pretty much a sum up of what I've been up too. 

Hope you have all had a good week too! 

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