F*ck Monday #13

Monday, 21 May 2012

I wished I could feel my room with quotes without looking like a crazy lady, I frigging love them. :). So what's new with me this week? I've been working loads, I've been sick and I've been in a weird mood. That's it in short.

There is so much I NEED to do at the moment but I have such little motivation, if I'm honest. Whilst finishing off my dissertation I thought that I would have so much time do stuff but I've had my head up in the clouds and spent too much time doing nothing but thinking loads. This causes me to take the bull by the horns this week and create a to do list which shall be completed. (I hope).

I need to start saving sharpish/ getting rid of some of my student overdraft. It was my boyfriends birthday this week so I did splash out a little and with the Stratford Westfield's adventure too, I'm a little out of pocket. Ooops. I also had a puncture which is going to set me back about £70. Ouch. 

I've been to the gym twice this week which is better than nothing :). I have also walked to work five times, so it all should be helping somehow. I've lost two pounds this week, and hoping to see it slowly coming down. 

And mainly my biggest problem at the moment is that, I need to STOP worrying about everything. I am the biggest worrier in the world and that isn't an exaggeration. I sometimes worry myself so much to the point where I'm physically sick over silly things. I'm trying to figure things out in my head over things which have been bothering me and programming myself to be less stressed.

Other than that the world is great and the person below is helping massively. 

Olly & I: 


  1. I used to quietly stress & worry heaps over things that weren't worth the time when I was younger but luckily I'm now pretty good at letting things go! I have a poster on my wall that says "Learn to let go of things you can't control". It's like my mantra now! Whenever I start to get stressed or worry about something I just think, it's not going to change it so focus on something else, something that is probably more important. It sounds so simple but it's helped me put things into perspective. Maybe it's because it's on my wall so I see it everyday & it reminds me. Either way, it's worked! :) xCx

    1. Thanks for commenting hun, I really appericate what you have said. I think that is such a good motto!! I need to adopt something like you have otherwise I feel that I will be going crazy :-/. I will let you know how I get on. :) Lx

  2. That's such a cute photo :)
    I've never been a worrier so I don't think I can really help, but try to think things through logically - whatever you're worrying about is unlikely to be as bad as you think!