F*ck Monday #14

Monday, 28 May 2012

So for the last super sunny week, I have been working six days on the trot. I have also had some fun in the pub gardens this weekend so I managed to catch some of sun. But still the last thing you want to do when the weather is as beautiful as it has been is going to work in a shop with no windows :(. Saying that today is my first day off and it felt glorious yet most of my friends are working, so I planned a day of doing "productive" things. 

My first task was to smother my hair in a treatment. If you follow me on instagram or twitter (@MissLaceyLoves) you would had seen my nightmare terror of some of my hair falling out. Unfortunately I had an unlucky stint at a new hairdressers, (a mates rates hairdresser) whereby she bleached my hair. My very very very dry hair... and now you can imagine, it just began to break off. My hair which matched the hair on my barbie that I owned when I was 5. So the day after I went to my usual hairdresser who nearly had a heart attack at the condition of it. This means now I am on strict hair nourishing regime. Paul Mitchell... You may soon become my hero. 

The next task was/still is, I'm having a breather because it is taking me hours. But that is to sort out my clothes. And wow... I have millions of them, I don't know how I have accumulated so many. Hopefully over the next two weeks I will slowly be putting them up on ebay. After I have finished I need to sort out all of my room. This is also an attempt to stop me spending money...Hopefully. 

If I get a chance at some point I need to edit my CV, look at some jobs, have an at home mini spa, sort out the blog posts that I am going to write this week, and possible even break on to the YouTube scene. (If I'm brave enough). 

Not really much to moan about, whilst the sun is shining, I'll be smiling.

Happy Mondays.

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