Clinque Perfectly Real Foundation

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Clinique Perfectly Real Foundation - £16 (30ml)

Excuse the weird doll like expression in the above photo. I struggle to find a foundation which I LOVE, there are so many that I want to try and my skin goes through phases. This makes it hard to find one without spending too much money. And like I have been saying in many of my f*ck monday post is that I want to try and save money. I have 8 foundations at the moment, which to some of you will sound like hardly any and others it will sound like loads. This means that I'm trying to stick to these foundations without straying or being tempted by the beauty counters in Boots (damn it). The ones in my collection that I'm not keen on I tend use on days where I'm not doing anything special.

This Clinique Perfectly Real Foundation is a great day foundation. I say day because I don't find it as a full enough coverage that I would want for an evening foundation. I tend to just stick to Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation for nights out. This Clinique foundation is good for the winter as it is very moisturising and it blends with my natural tone of the skin. I wear shade 10 which also sits great on my untanned skin. In the UK at the moment we have barely seen an ounce of sunshine or a glimmer of summer, so my skin has been pasty for a little too long. I'm near to finishing up the tube and will be cutting the top off to use the scrapes which are left in the awkward packaging. 

The Positives: 
  • It gives a great natural coverage 
  • It's moisturising 
  • Gives a glow and the 'no makeup' makeup effect.

The Negatives:
  • The packaging, makes it hard to get the product out. 
  • It needs shaking before use but the packaging makes it hard to do this. 
Has anyone tried this product?

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  1. I've just tried a sample of Clinique's tinted moisturiser and really liked it, I'm umming and aahing over whether to invest.. This looks lovely though, although the packaging does look like a bit of a nightmare :/