Soap & Glory Hates to Loves

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Soap & Glory - Easy Glistening Dry Oil Body Gloss - £5.50 for 150ml

Soap & Glory - Hair Supply Repair Mask Mini - £unavailable for 50ml

I have recently finished up these two products which has taken me nearly a year, and considering the hair mask is a mini that is a lonnnngggg time! The problem was that once I had got them in a different gift boxes last Christmas, I was really excited to try these out  as I always am after recieving presents. These two were the ones that I really didn't get on with, until recent.

Hair Supply -  On first use, this product was really really thick and even once I had wash it out I could feel the product still on the roots of my hair. At the time, I thought it was because I hadn't rinsed it out properly but it seems now that with this a little goes a long way. Last month my hair went through a stage of going super dry again and rather than slathering this product on with a mask, I just focused on the ends with this. In the end I actually really got on with this mask and I am quite disappointed that it is no longer available (well not that I can see :( boo)

Easy Glistening - I hate body products that contain glitter - a subtle bit I don't mind but a lot, eeek I hate it! However, the other week I was off out for a big night and I decided to have my legs out (i know shocker) and I decided to fake tan them. I wanted my legs to have a shiny glossy look as they always look better esp with the black floaty dress I was wearing it with. I sprayed this on gentle and WOW, I wondered why I ever hated it so much before. They made my legs looks so much nicer and possibly slightly thinner which can never be a bad thing... 

Have you have hate a product then fell in love with it again?


  1. I love glitter! Haha. I never tried a hair mask before, because it sounded weird to me. I have a few hair mask samples that I was planning to give to my sister, but I think I'll try one when I wash my hair in a few days.

    1. You should defo try them. They can do wonders for you hair :) x

  2. Aww that hair mask looks great, i didnt know they did one!:)

  3. Haha you're right, anything that makes me feel a tad thinner is always a winner!

    Lea x

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  4. Great reviews, really love the sound of the body gloss. I do that quite a lot, really dislike a product and then find my love for it again lol.


  5. I love soap and glory, didn't realise they did hair products, definitely want to try this out xx