My Favourite Heat Defence Hair Products

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Mark Hill - Heat Protection Spray - £rebranded for 75ml

GHD - Thermal Protector for Normal to Fine Hair - £8.99 for 150ml 

As all of my frequent followers will know... Is that I have super thick, dry and bleached hair. None of which is good combination. I try to keep my usage of heat products to a minimum and for a while I didn't use any. It helps that I HATE blow drying my hair - it makes me arms ache and where my hair is so thick then it takes ages too. I know I should section it out but I just get super lazy and if I do need to blow dry then I tend to sprits some heat defence then tip my head upside down... shake it about of a while with the hairdryer on it then boom - I'm done. 

Though when I do need to use straighteners or curling tongs (rarely) or a hairdryer then I do make it essential to protect my hair - as it is super fragile. My preferred one out of the two is the GHD Thermal Protector, now I'm not quite sure how you can judge if they really protect you hair however, I don't feel that burning or have crispy hair once pulled through the straighteners. It is keeps it soft and helps keep it straight - now the reason I have the normal - fine is because I received it as a gift. I tend to buy products which cater for dry, thick or unruly hair. 

The Mark Hill product I use if my hair is feel super dry or burnt or chemically overdosed. You have to put this on and leave it for a couple of minutes to settle into the hair - that is the only downside to this product, is that you really need to work it into your hair before putting heat onto it other it does just make it worst. Once it has had a few minutes to coat your hair then it works like a dream - I particularly use after I have had a hair cut and the hair is still soft. Plus this also prolongs the ends splitting.

What are you favourite heat defences? Or heat protection routines? 


  1. I've never tried either of these before, I'm interested in the ghd one. I usually use the clynol salon range :)


  2. I wish they had more variety in heat protectants where I live, all I've used uptil now is L'oreal. Thanks for the reviews hun :)

  3. These look really great, i wanna try the loreal heat deffence aswell!:)

  4. heard some good things about the GHD products x

  5. I used to love using the GHD Thermal Protector because it leaves my hair smelling incredibly. I haven't used it for years but your post is making me want to repurchase! x