F*ck Monday: It's a Love/Hate Thing

Monday, 5 November 2012

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. I wasn't particularly sure what I was going to write about today. I've found that a few of my previous posts have been surrounding dieting and me being ill which is getting boring for me, let alone you. I was tempted to do the I <3 Fall Tag but I think they are better as Youtube videos (which is an area that I haven't entered yet) So I thought, I would give you my 3 hates and 3 loves of the winter time. 


Halloween: I am probably in the minority here but I am so glad that Halloween is out of the way. I don't particularly get why it has become a bigger event - but I'm probably just getting old and grumpy and no longer have the urge to dress up. Miserable me. 

Freezing Cold Mornings: Okay, I have stupid heating in my house which comes through the floors and it is a nightmare in the winter time. My dad tends to get up about 6am most mornings and pops the heating on... which is fine if you don't want to get out of bed before 7.30am other my room is like an ice box. I have a mini portable radiator in my room so I set my alarm half an hour before I get up just to flick the switch then it is warm for me to get up and go. 

Comfort Food: Oh it is cold and I'm indoors a lot and all I want to do is stock up on carbs and warming foods which taste so amazing... which isn't good for when I am trying to lose a couple of pounds before christmas. I don't want salad *Wah* Give me a roast every night and I'll be a happy girl. Nommmm 


Festive Drinks: Yay, Costa and Starbucks have their festive drinks out. My favourite from Starbucks is the Salted Caramel Mocha and from Costa is the Praline & Cream Latte. I'm yet to work my way through both of the menus. Exciting. 

Christmas: After being a little bit of a bar humbug these last few years around Christmas - this year I am feeling pretty excited. I hope I don't peak to early. I can't wait to get all the 

Staying in: Snuggling in my onesie with a takeway (on the weekends so diets don't count haha) is the best ever. Looking outside at the cold and rainy weather being all wrapped up on the inside. Things like that make me really happy this time of the year. 

What are you loves and hates about winter?


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  2. I've yet to try some of the festive drinks at starbucks/ costa. I've never had any of them- they sound so yummy
    Daniella x


  3. I haaaate cold days, period. I like chilly, but not cold. Unless the heat is cranked up, I'm always going to be cold :(

    I love Christmas and festive things, too! It just makes me happy. I also like snow, when I'm indoors.

  4. I love the starbucks festive drinks! aah i feel all cosy just thinking about them :)

    lovely post! xx


  5. I'm getting a Costa near me, this could end badly. Starbucks will always be my favourite though! The salted caramel mocha is a favourite of mine too.

  6. "Snuggling in my onsie with a takeaway" sounds so cosy and cute! Lol. I love the festive drinks around this time of the year too <3

  7. Totally agree with you on the love for festive drinks, starbucks salted caramel hot chocolate is my all time favourite <3 x

  8. I can so relate to the freezing cold mornings! Doesn't it just make it harder to get out of bed? I also agree about the Halloween thing, although I celebrated a little, the whole dressing up slutty thing is kinda... mehhh.
    PS: Your layout is too cute!


  9. Eurgh I hate the cold mornings too! On the plus side it's an excuse to buy a lovely new winter coat xxx