bareMinerals: Ready Blush 'The Tease'

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

bareMinerals Ready Blush in Tease - £22

Firstly I want to start of by saying that I am not a blusher kind of girl, I need to only ever wear bronzer to be honest but as I haven't fake tanned in a long while and summer is just a distant memory, I thought I would try a "winter" look. What appealed me to this bareMinerals blusher was I have heard great things about the brand. I was toying between buying this pink blusher or a peachy colour but I the sales assistant put both on either cheek in the shop and I must say that the pink was an unusual look for me but I quite liked it. 

I don't tend to apply blusher on the balls of my cheek as I think it makes my face look super round. I was pretty scared of how bright and pink the blusher was in the palette, however it blends smoothly onto my skin. Another thing that I like about this product was that it isn't too shimmery and there is only a small hint of glitter in the product. I like the packaging as well, it has a mirror and a brush (a good quality one at that) which are essentials because it means you can carry it around. Ignoring the expensive price tag - I love this product and I personally think that it is worth it. 

I still like the bronzed look but I am going to definitely switch it up a little more these days. I'm glad I splurged on this product too and I am still surprise how warm the colour is on my skin compared to the palette. 

Do you like my new lighting of the products? Do they look any different? Also can you recommend any other bareMinerals products? 


  1. This blusher looks amazing! It looks quite different on your skin than in the compact - the colour looks quite cool in the compact but lovely and warm on your skin!
    I'd love to try this! :)

    The Teapot Blog xxxx

    1. I know it is so odd the difference it makes. : That's also what scared me about the product at first :) x

  2. That is such a gorgeous colour!:)

  3. I've only recently got into blush and as I'm quite pale at the moment, it's hard finding a good shade for me.
    This one really suits you! I like it
    Daniella x

  4. Nice post and I like your blog ...maybe we can follow each other from GFC and Bloglovin? :D
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  5. Such gorgeous colour :) It really suits your skin tone!!


  6. I love this colour. I've never tried Bare Minerals because I'm so anti-powder but I may have to give it a go, it's got some really good reviews.

  7. wow such a pretty color looks good on your skin! xx

  8. Great blog!
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  9. i bought their foundation not so long ago and i wasn't too impressed at all, it's really cakey! but this looks really pretty! x

  10. I haven't tried any of their products, but only heard good things about it :D
    The blush looks good on you :)

  11. It's really pretty! I'm excited for a bareMinerals eyeshadow duo I ordered recently as I haven't tried anything from them before. x

  12. Lovely blog :-) New follower. Great blush color. Absolutely beautiful!

  13. Pretty blusher, I've never tried their products before but I'm always hearing good things from fellow bloggers, sounds like a stellar product

  14. Looks so pretty on you! To be honest, I never really liked how the bright baby pink blushes look in the pan, but I find that they compliment a lot of people's skin tone very well.

  15. This looks like a great blusher, if a bit overpriced? It looks lovely on your skin! xx

  16. i like the blush! i think it's a pretty shade of pink! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  17. I really like this, it's a gorgeous colour on you!

    Lea x

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  18. I am so impressed with everything here!

  19. that is one beautiful shade of blush. unfortunately for me, pinks don't look that great on my skin tone like it does on you. cute blog! :)

  20. Stumbled upon your blog.
    Love the shade!

    Blog followed.

  21. Beautiful blush! I'm your new follower from Italy, would you like to follow each other via gfc? Kisses Lucy

  22. Amazing colour,bright and fresh, also not extremly cool, no blue undertones*)love it on you*)
    my fav product from BareMinerals is their original foundation, I apply it with MAC 109 brush and it looks gorgeus*)

  23. Great colour, it makes your face look reall fresh :)