L'oreal Studio Matt & Messy Salt Spray

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Studio Matt & Messy Shine-Free Salt Spray - 150ml - £3.56

I have a love hate issue with this product; more for the fact that I love it but it hates me.  For me it makes my hair look amazing in a fraction of a second, which is great for a lazy girl like me as I can get a cool look easily. BUT it hates me in the fact that it dries my hair out massively. It doesn't look as dry as it feels but it is still doesn't look glossy and soft. Also if I don't wash it straight out it also feels that it mattes my hair which is another negative. This is so frustrating because I LOVE how my hair looks with this product. Wah.

So I find that with this, you don't need to pump munch of this onto your hair. I tend to tip my head upside down and do a couple of sprits then flick my hair back and do a sprit either side. I scrunch my hair with my hairs just to get the product into my hair. It gives it loads of volume and bounce to my hair. It is heavily scented but once sprayed that is weakened. It is cheap and for the amount of product you get and the quality it is a bargain. However, it makes me wonder that if it was a high end then it would be less drying to my hair. 

I really want a product like this but one that doesn't dry out my hair. Any suggestions? Have you tried this and liked it?


  1. I've been tempted by this product so many times, it looks amazing and I love how it makes your hair look! I don't want to dry my hair out any more than it already is though, please let me know if you get any suggestions of things that won't dry out your hair! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  2. I really want to try this but dot waht my hair to go dry!:)


  3. I want to experiment with something like this but I hate how they are always shine free and 'matte' because I want the look it achieves but with shine! x

  4. I really want to try this!

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  5. Your hair looks amazing! I've always wanted to try this, but I hate having dry hair haha!

  6. i don't really think any of these kind of products work very well! I've tried a few but i've been quite disapointed.



  7. The toni and guy beach spray is alright, but it is quite drying on your hair as well, I think it might just be the nature of salt sprays to be honest :/
    Eleanor x

  8. The tresemme texture range is amazing! I did a review on my october favourites if you want to read about them fully, but I think my hair looks shiny and glossy even when i've layered the products up xx

    1. ooo I am going to look at that and try it :)

  9. your hair looks amazing, your blog is lovelyyyy btwz, keep up the good work :)

    (open to all)

  10. I am currently using this is find it okay. I prefer the fudge salt spray. Salt sprays in general make your hair dry because its salty water haha But the fudge one is alot better. :)
    hareem x