Look Beauty: Nail Pop

Friday, 2 November 2012
 Nail Pop - Plum - £5
 Nail Pop - Pearl Effect - £5

So I thought that I haven't done a nail post in a while and to be honest I haven't really been wearing much nail varnish. I don't really know why but I have been feeling pretty lazy and putting my beauty regime on standby whilst I have been ill. But has anyone else told you that having a long bath - pampering yourself then doing your hair, make-up and nails can make you feel better than any medication. 

I brought these two colour the other week when I went shopping with a friend and at the time we trolled around so many shops looking at lots of different nail varnish but I couldn't make up my mind on which ones to get. I am so indecisive, I had a colour in my head and it was a dark deep reddy glittery one but I couldn't find anything that matched it.

The reason I bought two was because they were on offer at 2 for £5 which I thought was a bargain. At the time I had given up and just wanted any purchase but in the end I was so pleased with what I had brought. The Nail Pop colour in Plum (the darker) one is a lot darker than it looks in the bottle which surprised me as normally it is the other way around. But I love it and have been given so many compliments on it too. I have put the Nail Pop Pearl Effect over the top which has soft purpley/blue flickers in it which highlights in the light. This makes the nail varnish look that little bit different (it is hard to pick up those colours on my rubbish camera) 

The consistency of the formula is great and it gives a smooth finish, I put two coats on but you could had probably got away with only one. I have used this brand before and I can't say a bad word about their nail polish. I like the packaging and the brush is not too fat but not to thin. A bargain find :) Oh and they last forever on your nails, and for me that is a bonus as I am forever chipping them.

Have you tried any nail colours from this range? If so which ones?


  1. The plum is lovely and the pearl effect sounds really nice! xx

  2. I've never tried that brand, but I love the colour.


  3. they looks really nice colour!:)


  4. I love Look nail polishes, and plum is a gorgeous shade - perfect for the autumn/winter :)


  5. I've never tried it before, don't think its available where I am. It looks good though, that pearly one has potential ;)

    x x Stace

  6. I know what you mean by usually it's the other way around - I find darker nail polishes always apply darker on the nail than they appear in the bottle (which is a bummer!). Lovely colours and it's good that they were so affordable.

  7. I haven't heard of the brand but I am a sucker for wine coloured nail polish :D

  8. such gorgeous autumnal colours! I know what you mean about being ill, I'm down with a terrible cold at the moment but a good old bath and a lush bath melt usually does the trick!

    lovely post! x


  9. It's hard to find a nail varnish that lasts a long time without chipping so I may check these out! Lovely review :)

    Thanks for the blog comment!
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  10. Thanks for letting us know about the offer, I really love the dark red colour.

  11. I love your Blog, I am following you..
    I hope you follow me back <3


  12. This is a gorgeous red colour and so shiny! I love it! xx


  13. Wow the color is a-ma-zing!

    - True

  14. Love the colur. I haven't tried any Look beauty products before but at that price I am very tempted to, especially after reading your review :) It really does give a great finish!!



  15. I haven't tried any polishes from this brand but it they last long, I should give it a shot!



  16. I've never heard of this brand, but the deep red is absolutely gorgeous! x


  17. These are beautiful, thank you for the introduction!